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Cheap hotel near Downtown Disney for one night

by Carrie Miller
(Rockford, Illinois

Hello!!! Im wondering if you can recommend a cheap hotel near Downtown Disney for one night. We are staying on Disney property but because I am afraid to fly we are taking a bus and will have to arrive a day early. The thing is I will have my Mother with me and she has very limited vision and a hard time walking long distances. I’m wondering if there is a hotel (very close to downtown Disney or with a shuttle) that you can recommend. We are however on a very tight budget so the hotel needs to be “dirt cheap” minus the actual dirt! Thank you so much. YOU THE MAN!!!!-Carrie

Dad’s you might want to consider


Yes, I am the man! (Just kidding.)

I’m not sure I have enough information to make a good recommendation for cheap hotels near Downtown Disney for one night. It depends somewhat on when you are going and how many are in your party. But I’ll give it a shot.

There are lots of cheap (we’re talking $25.00 – $30.00 per night) hotels in the Downtown Disney general area. However, none of those hotels have shuttles. So we’ll rule those out for now.

The next level of hotels are $60.00-$90.00 per night. They will have shuttles that run about one time per hour. These hotels will usually be acceptable and not have a lot of dirt for your dirt cheap budget. You can go to Dad’s Orlando Hotel page to find prices –

Dad’s Orlando area hotels page

Dad’s Bottom Line

Carrie, my ultimate suggestion would be to get a room at the Pop Century or one of the All Star Resorts. That way, you will be in a Disney hotel and have access to Disney transportation. Yes, you will have to pay a little more than you would for one of the dirt cheap hotels, but you don’t have to worry about shuttles, or whether or not their will be dirt on the floors.

Check on Pop Century Room Prices

Carrie, that’s my recommendation without knowing you’re situation. I’d be happy to help more if you have more questions. Have a great day.

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