Cheapest place to eat in the Magic Kingdom

Cheapest place to eat in the Magic Kingdom

What is the cheapest place for a large family to eat at in the Magic Kingdom in December?

Casey's Corner on the right
The Plaza Restaurant on the left

A picture down Main Street with Casey's Corner on one side and the Plaza Restaurant on the other

Photo by Scott Endersby

Dad's and the winner is Answer

The cheapest place for a large family, or any family, to eat in the Magic Kingdom in December or any other time is ...

Now that sounds like a easy question, but (there's always a but) the answer really isn't that simple. It depends if you are talking about a Table Service meal or a Quick Service meal. If you are talking about a place where you'll be able to sit down, or if you are OK with eating on the go. There are lots of variables involved.

Let's start with Table Service Restaurants because there are only a few to choose from and it's pretty easy to choose the cheapest. We can start by ruling out Cinderella's Royal Table. It's one of the most expensive restaurants at Disney World and it is probably already booked.

The Crystal Palace and Libert Tree Tavern both have a fixed price. They are both more the $30 for an adult (but well worth the price). They do have some availability for tables, but are just a bit pricey.

The cheapest priced "Table Service" restaurant in the Magic Kingdom (and maybe the cheapest priced at WDW) is the Plaza Restaurant which features sandwiches. You can usually find a table at Plaza Restaurant even without an Advanced Dining Reservation.

Now, let's step over to the Quick Service Restaurants. I think I'll just cut to the chase. The cheapest Quick Service meal in the Magic Kingdom is at Casey's Corner. A hot dog and fries for just $7 is pretty cheap. Really, all of the Quick Service Restaurants are reasonable. For around $10 each you can get a pretty descent meal (now that they've started using white buns again).

The amazing thing is these two restaurants are across Main Street from each other.

Of course, you can always just get everyone a turkey leg and call it a meal. Those things are huge. But that wouldn't save you any money since they are almost $10 each.

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Dad's Bottom Line

There are lots of reasonable choices at the Magic Kingdom. It's not the McDonalds dollar menu, but for a theme park the food is pretty good and fairly priced.

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Apr 23, 2017
Cosmic Rays Update
by: Stephanie R

Prices now differ. that same 1/2 chicken meal that was less than 10$ is now 14.59$ Disney got wise and realized their portions were big and people were splitting them. So they upped the price for the same amount of food. Those same hotdogs from Casey's Corner have also increased with price.

Something to consider when planning your trip.

You can grab something fairly priced from "Starbucks" aka Main Street Bakery, or get a nice sized Baked Potato from Sleepy Hollow for less than 4$. If ordering off the kids menus (large portions for cheaper prices) you can save more money, just check out the items at Liberty Tree Tavern Kid's menu with prices attached. Pretty reasonable.

Mar 12, 2013
How about Cosmic Ray's
by: Camile Punch

You can get a Half Rotisserie Chicken - Served with mashed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable. - $9.69. The wife and I would split that meal and was plenty. Now that is doing Disney cheap !!!

Nov 19, 2012
Plaza Restaurant
by: Michelle

We were at the Magic Kingdom recently for the Passholder Preview of Fantasyland, and we were pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced our lunch meal for four was at the Plaza Restaurant! Great thing to know!

Sep 24, 2012
"cheap" table service eating at Magic Kingdom
by: Anonymous

My husband and I just returned from a 2 week disney world vacation and we were lucky enough to enjoy the free dining plan...lucky us! We did, however, note prices for each of the table service locations where we ate. In Magic Kingdom we chose the lunch time menu at Liberty Tree Tavern rather than the family style unlimited dinner as we prefer to eat our main meal mid-day. The full turkey meal at lunch was about $15 per person and the portion was plentiful. Other lunch options included salads, sandwiches and burgers at the same price point. You didn't mention Tony's as a table service option at Magic Kingdom. We also ate at this location and for just $16.99 were served an enormous portion of spaghetti with either meat balls or sausage.

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