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Cheerleading Competition in Early May

by Logan
(New York )

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“I heard about the Summit Cheerleading competition in early May, does that affect parks crowds a lot?”

Not Really


Every year Disney does bunches of competitions at Walt Disney World. There are marathons, cheerleading, dance, football, soccer, basketball, baseball and just about any other sport competitions happening all the time.

For example, there are 10 cheerleading championships scheduled in 2019 between January 1st and May 12th.

The big competitions are usually held during slow times of the year, like the big cheerleading championship at the beginning of May.

May is Slow

May 2019 Disney World Crowds calendarCrowds in early May are not too bad. The weekends can fill up, but weekdays are typically pretty quiet. That includes the cheerleader championships.

Why is May a slow time. It’s because of schools. The end of the school year is coming up. Families aren’t likely to take the kids out of school during this time of year. Spring break has just passed and summer is on the horizon. It’s just not a big vacation time.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

Doesn’t Affect the Parks

Typically competitions don’t affect the park crowds much. Competitors are there to compete and usually that’s an all day, every day thing. They kids are usually tied up during the day, and while some come to the parks in the evenings, it’s not a big issue.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Overall, the competitions don’t really bump crowd levels up. Yes, you’ll see groups especially in the evenings, but the parks won’t be overwhelmed.


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