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Chef Mickey’s on New Years Eve

by Catalina

Hi Dad. Just find your page and it is wonderful.

We are going to WDW in December and we booked Chef Mickey for the 31st. Do you know if there is any celebration for the New Years Eve there? What do you suggest since we don´t want to be inside a parks with the crazy crowds?

New Years Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Contemporary

New Years Eve Fireworks from the Contemporary – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s I don’t really know Answer


What a great day to be at Walt Disney World. New Years Eve. Wow. The only problem is THE CROWDS ARE OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

We actually went to Disney World on New Years Day one year. It was incredible. We stood in line for Soarin’ for over 2 hours. Really. 2 Hours!

Yes, crowds will be totally crazy especially in and around the Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve. It’s said that around 500,000 people will be at Disney World that night to see the fireworks shows.

Getting back into the Magic Kingdom after dinner will be impossible. It will be closed to incoming guests in the late afternoon (probably). You wouldn’t want to be in there if you didn’t have a placed saved anyway.

So let’s rule out going to the Magic Kingdom. The second option would be to go out on the beach at the Contemporary. This is probably a descent option, but you’ll probably run in to the same problem. There will probably be people every where. You might find a good place to see the shows, but you might not.

It kinda depends on when your reservation at Chef Mickey’s is. If it’s early in the evening, I’d suggest you get on the monorail, go over to the Transportation and Ticket Center and try to stake out a place on the beach.

Now if your reservation is close to show time your options will be limited. You will pretty much be stuck at the Contemporary. Go outside and get the best view of Cinderella Castle you can find. Guard it well.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Catalina, since we didn’t arrive until the 1st, we missed the show on New Years Eve, but i can tell you, there will be lots of people there. Anywhere you can find a spot where you can see the castle is probably the place to watch.

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