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Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace

by Melvin Carrasquillo
(Puerto Rico)

Which restaurant is better and less expensive Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace?

Dad’s the Mouse wins


Thanks for the question. We’ve eaten at both Chef Mickey’s and the Crystal Palace. We prefer Chef Mickey’s. Why? Because of the food selections. The items offered at the Crystal Palace are a little more exotic than our family prefers. That’s not to say that the Crystal Palace is bad, it just doesn’t appeal to us as much as Chef Mickey’s.

As to prices, Chef Mickey’s is more expensive in the mornings and the Crystal Palace is more expensive in the evenings. (Chef Mickey’s is not normally open for lunch.)

The two both have fans and detractors. If you like buffets (and Dad certainly does) you won’t have problems with either one.

Comments for Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace

Feb 04, 2011

Where is Pooh Bear?

by: Mrs. Mom

If I remember correctly from our HUGE trip in 2003, the best place to see the Winnie the Pooh characters was Crystal Palace (and that was very important to my 4 year old nephew). IF I was trying to decide between Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace AND the characters were important to my kids, I would eat where they could see the characters they want to see.

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Thank you dear.

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