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Christmas at WDW in June, Yep Dad’s gone cRazY


by Dad
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It’s time for Dad’s annual Christmas at WDW in June. Yes, it’s time to think about the holidays at Walt Disney World.


The Christmas at WDW celebration at Mexico in EPCOT

Maybe a little dancing is in order – Photo by Andy Sanchez


No, I’m not kidding. Look at the calendar. June is the month you make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR’s) for December. That pretty much makes June the time when Dad really starts thinking about Christmas at WDW because Dad typically goes to WDW in December. Whew. Got that?


Yes, Dad is planning a trip to WDW again in December. You might have heard something about it. In fact, you can join Dad at a Paaaarrrrrtttyyyy! (That’s Party for those of you that don’t speak silly yell spelling.)

Dad’s Christmas Party invitation page


We almost have all the details worked out (or not, you never know with Disney) and hopefully next week we’ll be rolling out the final details.


Either way I hope you’ll come say hello at a great party.


The Jingle Cruise at night

Who wants to go on a boat ride – Photo by Brett Svenson


Meanwhile back to Dad planning his Christmas trip to WDW in June… Who am I kidding? This is just an excuse for me put up a bunch of Christmas pictures and dream about cooler times.


Is there anything wrong with that?


The Christmas Tree in the Magic Kingdom at 1 am

I wish it was Christmas at WDW and I was here! – Photo by Judd Helms


It’s about a bazilion degrees in Oklahoma this week so anything I can do to “cool” things down…


How about this one?


Be our Guest decorated for Christmas at WDW

Even the “darkest” places decorate for Christmas at WDW – Photo by Mike Billick


Or this one?


Mickey and Minnie celebrating Christmas at WDW

Lookie who’s here. It’s the Big Cheese and Mrs. Big Cheese – Photo by Cliff Wang


I feel cooler, how about you?


OK, you talked me into it. One more…


The nativity scene at Walt Disney World

And you don’t want to forget the real reason for the Christmas at WDW – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Sniff, I guess I better quit playing and get back to some real work. (Yeah, right Dad. You don’t know what “real work” is.)


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Note to those going to WDW in December: it’s time to make your ADR’s. I hope you’ll join us for the Christmas Party.


And for the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed Dad’s little Christmas at WDW in June break from reality. Unfortunately it’s time to go back to the salt mines.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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