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Christmas Day at Universal Studios Orlando- the ghost town

If it’s Christmas day…

…it must be time to go home. But, Daddy, our flight doesn’t leave until 4:00. Can’t we ride Men in Black one more time?

OK kids, we’ll try, but I can’t guarantee anything. Remember how Disney World was the last time we were there on Christmas day?

Thanks Dad, you’re the best.

I know.

So we got up and went to Universal Studios Orlando on Christmas Day. The only thing we wanted to do was ride Men in Black. As we walked toward the park (yes walked, we were staying in the Hard Rock Hotel and you can actually walk from there to the park) I wondered how long we would have to wait in line.

“There aren’t very many people around.” The Man-Child said. He was right. Sometimes, he can be somewhat observant.

“It will still be crowded.” I said helpfully.

We got to the gates and walked right in. No lines.

We walked back to Men in Black (it’s in the back of the park). Nobody around.

We started in to the line. No wait.

We came back around to ride again. No wait.

And again. A very short line, but we had front of the line passes so we waltzed right by everyone.

And again… You get the picture.

On Christmas Day, Disney World is absolutely wall-to-wall people. Universal is a ghost town. Go figure.

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  1. Hi Dad, from another Dad.

    Just wondering if you’ve made this trip again at Xmas? For some strange reason my adult children decided they wanted to head to Orlando at Xmas. I hate the crowds, but agreed anyway. We were thinking about going to USF on the 23rd or waiting and going on the 25th.

    Any advice?

    Thanks for your help
    Mike Kalinoski

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