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Christmas Day break at the Magic Kingdom

by Jen


Hi. We are surprising the kids with their first trip to Disney World for Christmas. We would like to plan a midday break. I kind of talked about that. But I’m worried about the parks reaching capacity. My kids are old enough to be able to power through, they will be 9 and 10, but my husband gets grumpy when he is tired.


What do you recommend? If we get locked out of the parks can we visit another one instead, even if we don’t have park hoppers?


Huge crowds on the Tomorrowland bridge

This is what the crowds look like on Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Cliff Wang


Jen, I think you’re probably talking about the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. Pretty much the only time that there’s a problem with getting into the parks is Christmas Day. You cannot, if they are to the highest level of closure, where they’re not letting guests in, once you exit you’re not gonna get back in. Now, this typically only happens in the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. All the rest of the parks don’t get to that level of closure.


Dad’s talks about Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom


In the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day you go out during the highest level of closure, you’re not getting back in immediately. As the day progresses, people start to go home, go to EPCOT to eat, or whatever the closure level subsides. By seven o’clock they’re letting everybody back in. If you go out in the afternoon, and you try to come back at five or six, you’re probably gonna get back in because the level of closure has come down.


If you’ve got a park hopper, will you be able to go to a different park? If you don’t have a park hopper you can’t go to another park. You can only go to the Magic Kingdom, whatever park you are in for that day.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Jen, I hope that answered your question. Power through or take some time, sit down, take a long break. Crowds will be overwhelming but it won’t be hot, so if you can find a place, sit and relax. Yes, you need to take some kind of midday break, I wouldn’t recommend going out of the park on Christmas Day unless you plan to come back late in the afternoon.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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