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Christmas Day, December 25 crowds in the Magic Kingdom

Warning, Dad’s about to rant, please remove all sharp objects from around your computer because it just might explode.

Today, a nice young (I assume) lady named Nikki asked Dad a question about Christmas Dad, December 25 crowds in the Magic Kingdom. (Click here for Nikki’s question about The Magic Kingdom on December 25th.)

Christmas Day lines at the Magic Kingdom

Yep, the lines are long

It’s a shame that most people don’t know just what they are in for when they decide to go to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. Yes, I agree, it’s all Disney’s fault. Every year, on Christmas Day, they have the Christmas show from Disney World on TV. The crowds are small, everyone is smiling, some Disney star is wowing the teenagers, it’s perfect. What Disney doesn’t say is that all of that was filmed three weeks earlier. It’s not live. Why? Because you couldn’t get a TV camera onto Main Street on Christmas Day.

On a normal December 25th at the Magic Kingdom, over 100,000 people will be in the Magic Kingdom BY NOON! Disney will close the park to incoming guests starting as early as 10 AM. By afternoon, no new guests will be allowed to enter under any circumstances.

However, this year is not a normal year. Christmas this year falls on Saturday. Its also Early Extra Magic Hours day at the Magic Kingdom. It’s like the stock markets double witching days. If the weather is nice on Christmas Day, I expect the park to be totally closed by noon. Yep, noon. Write it down.

If you do get in to the park you can expect long lines everywhere. One year, and this was at least 10 years ago, we tried to ride our favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear, one last time. It was about an hour after the park opened. The line was already 2 hours long. Just to let you know how bad it is, I have seen people talk about waiting an hour for a hamburger at Pecos Bill.

I love Christmas time at Disney World, but on Christmas Day, I’d rather be at Universal.

(I warned you.)

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  1. Aloha Dad 🙂 you are very funny to read & thank you for your way of writing bec it sounds like you are just like a dad next to us giving some guidance 🙂 We have never been to wdw with our kids (6 & 3), though we been 2 times many, many yrs ago before kids ;P so much to read & research & so little time, with caring our kids I mean. For Chirstmas time this yr, we like to have kids to visit grandma for the first time she lives over an hr away fr wdw, but before visiting her, should we just get out of wdw park by christmas eve, or is it worth to be there? which day in dec you recommend us to be there till u think?

    We also like to visit this july due to such break time, but probably will take it easy bec of the crowds & with young kids, no point rushing & will be slower anyway ;P Any advice, do leave a note 🙂 thank you & continue your good work!

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      Christmas time is the busiest time of the year at WDW. That being said, I would go as early in the month as I could. Christmas Eve will be busy, but nothing like Christmas Day. The Magic Kingdom is the most crowded of all the parks, but it absorbs crowds pretty well. You can have a great time even on busy days. Be at the park when it opens. Ride the rides that will be busiest first. Make FastPass reservations for the attractions you “must” do and if you can’t get a FastPass, as soon as the park opens go ride those rides.

      July won’t be nearly as busy as Christmas, but it will be busy. The same suggestions work for any busy time. Early in the morning, use FastPass, etc. One thing about July, it’s hot and humid. I’m talking oppressively hot and humid. I know being from Hawaii (I’m guessing from the Aloha) you are used to warm and humid temps, but July in Orlando we’re talking 95 degrees and 80%+ humidity. It’s really stifling. Just a friendly warning.

      Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate the support.

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