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Beat the Christmas Day lines at Magic Kingdom

Natasha in the UK


I’m staying at a Disney resort for Christmas and am considering heading to Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day at around 8-9 pm to do rides (whilst fireworks and parades are on) before watching final fireworks at 11:55pm. Is this a good way to beat the Christmas Day lines in Magic Kingdom?

Dad Answers

Main Street USA decorated for Christmas staying late may be a way to beat the Christmas Day lines at Magic Kingdom

Stay late enough and all the crowds go away – photo by Mike Billick



That’s a pretty simple question with a kind of complicated answer. The simple answer is yes, you will have smaller lines during the parades and fireworks, but how much smaller?

Christmas at Disney World

Christmas at Disney World is my absolute favorite time of the year to be at Disney World. I love the decorations, the shows, the atmosphere and more. The one thing I don’t love is the crowds and Christmas day is the worst.

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Christmas Day Lines at Magic Kingdom

Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year at Disney World. Especially in Magic Kingdom. It’s not unusual for the park to start closing to new guests by 9 am and not allow any new guests from 10 until mid-afternoon.


Lines will be INCREDIBLY long. We’re talking 2 hours to ride Carousel of Progress (never a line). The Mountains (Space, Splash and Big Thunder) will have 5 or more hour lines.


It can take 2 hours to get food at the quick service restaurants. At times, it will be hard to move around.


The Christmas Day lines in Magic Kingdom are NUTS!

Evening Lines

Yes, in the evening, lines will go down in the Magic Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be short. Instead of 5 or more hours for the Mountains, we’re talking 4 hours or so. Shorter but still crazy long. You won’t be able to experience very many rides on Christmas Day in Magic Kingdom.


Christmas Day is just not a good day to ride rides at WDW.


One way you can experience a few more rides is to get a FastPass. You can get 3 FastPasses per day but it will be tricky to get 3 from 9 to midnight because each one has an hour window. You’ll want to be online exactly at 6 am Eastern time 60 days before your trip to get your FastPasses (if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, 30 days if you’re not).


FastPass is about the only way you are going to finish more than one, maybe two attractions on Christmas day after 9 pm. It’s just that kind of day.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Natasha, like the old saying goes, “you just can’t fool mother nature”, you just can’t beat the Christmas Day crowds at the Magic Kingdom. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but also the busiest day of the year by far. Even at 9 pm.



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