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Christmas Decorations After New Year’s Day


by Ronda


Hi there, my family would love to experience Disney during our Christmas break in 2017/2018. We are unable to go before Christmas and can’t take the kids out of school. We are looking to go December 30th and stay through January 7th. Would any Christmas decorations still be up? I know there’s a marathon that week as well as people on their breaks. Is it way too crowded during that time? Thanks.


Santa's Village is part of the Christmas decorations at Walt Disney World

Check out Santa’s Village in EPCOT – Photo by Wayne Wood


Oh, Rhonda. I love Christmas at Walt Disney World.



I just love when they sing the Hallelujah Chorus during the Candlelight Processional. I’m singing right along with them. And I sing good. My wife keeps “shh!” But I sing good.


Let’s talk about December 30th through January 7th. You’re checking in on a great day. It’s my birthday. But let’s get serious, though, will the Christmas decorations be up? First yes, the Christmas decorations typically stay up through the first Sunday in January. That I think is the 8th or the 7th. Anyway, the decorations will be up through that first week of January.


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Mrs. Mom and I went in 2016, that first week of January. Actually, we got in there on marathon day, which I think was the 7th or 8th, and we stayed for a week, and most of the week we were there the decorations were up. In fact, the Magic Kingdom decorations didn’t come down until our last day, the 15th, 16th. So the decorations will still be up.


I will say that the Candlelight Processional the last night for it is December 30th. So if you want to see the Candlelight Processional, be in EPCOT that first day. The Candlelight Processional is the Christmas story told in music and scripture. Great, great show.


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Now as to crowds, it’s going to be crazy busy at first. The 30th, the 31st, the 1st, and even into the 2nd. It will be crazy, stupid busy, yes. Parks will be closed to new visitors at times.


Dad’s December Disney World Crowds page


It’s just the busiest time of the year. However, then starting the 2nd, you’ll see every day, the crowds will get smaller and smaller and smaller. The weekend will bump up just a little bit with the marathon, not too bad. We were in EPCOT on marathon day, walking on to rides, literally walking on to rides on marathon day. That is a really good day, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, that’ll be a great time.


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You will be able to see the crowds dwindle, 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%. That’s the way the crowds will go during that week. It will be obvious. You’ll have a couple of days, two or three days with almost no crowds.


You will have the busiest days of the year, the first few days. December 31st is going to be packed. No doubt about it because everybody wants to see the fireworks. That’s an incredible firework show. The New Year’s firework shows are just unbelievable. The holiday firework shows, all unbelievable. You’ll get to see some of the best that Disney has to offer, but you and a bunch of other people. Yes, it’ll be busy, but then you’ll have some time where it’s not so busy.


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is you’ll see crowds, but you will also get to see all of the Christmas decorations.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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