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Christmas Decorations at Animal Kingdom Lodge


by Denise Workman
(Helena, AL, USA)


What day in November of 2012 are the Christmas Decorations going to be put up at the Animal Kingdom Lodge? By November 15th????? I hope!!



The Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Christmas Tree in the Animal Kingdom Lodge Photo by Tom Bricker (WDW Figment)

Dad’s Christmas Safari Answer




Disney does an incredible job of decorating for the holidays, and not just in the parks. Dad could spend a whole day just hopping for resort to resort at Walt Disney World, checking out all of the unique holiday decorations at each one. While the hotels aren’t decorated quite as quickly as the parks, I’m pretty sure you’ll see some Christmas cheer at the Animal Kingdom Lodge by mid-November!


At Walt Disney World, decorating for the holidays is a serious business. The day or two after Halloween all the pumpkins and spooky tidbits quickly disappear overnight and are magically replaced with the most beautiful Christmas trimmings you’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is second to none and it can really make you feel like you’re in a picture-perfect holiday fantasy even in the middle of Florida. Pure holiday magic!


The transformation in the parks happens almost overnight – before the end of the first week of November expect to see nearly all of the decorations up (except of course the giant tree on Main Street USA, which goes up in early December after the taping of the Christmas Day Parade). Even holiday entertainment begins quickly (except for the Candlelight Processional).


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The hotels take a little longer to decorate than the parks, but it’s worth it! Each resort hotel is unique, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge is no exception! Expect to see lots of animal shapes and prints, rustic nature-inspired ornaments, and materials like wood, metal, and even grasses to decorate the lodge from top to bottom.


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The hotels do get decorated after the parks, but are usually complete by the 10th or so. You should have no trouble seeing some (if not all) of the Christmas décor by your mid-November trip! And if you like what you see at Animal Kingdom Lodge, take a break from the parks and venture out to some of the monorail hotels to see their spectacular Christmas trimmings!

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Denise, by November 15, the decorations should be up at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a Christmas Safari. Make sure you get some great family photos in front of the tree!


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