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Christmas Decorations at the Disney Hotels

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Video Transcript

Howdy, Dad here with another video, Ask Dad. This one, well, I don’t know who this one comes from, they didn’t leave their name. That’s okay.

Here we go, the question is: We are staying at the Art of Animation Hotel, we want to spend a day visiting all the hotels that are decorated for Christmas. We want to use Disney transportation if possible.

What hotel should we start at since we will be staying at the Art of Animation, and what order should we continue in? I’m trying not to backtrack.

Wow. What a great idea. As I’ve said a few hundred, million times, I love Christmas at Disney World. My favorite time of the year to be at Disney.

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The hotels are just beautiful, some of them are just out of this world. We just love going … spent hours at the Grand Floridian just sitting in there taking in the Christmas atmosphere, it’s just really incredible.

A tour of all the hotels using Disney transportation, that’s going to be quite a project, just to be frank. We’ve put together a little plan, but if you use Disney transportation, it’s probably going to take about sixteen hours to see all the hotels just because all the moderate and value resorts, and some of the deluxe and the deluxe villa resorts, you can’t get between the hotels, you can’t go from the Art of Animation to say the All-Star Resorts on a bus, you have to go to a theme park and change buses. I

t’s not really an easy process. We’ve put together, believe it or not, it’s a sixty-five step plan to go through and see all the hotels. Let me just share a little bit with you, I’ve got it right here on my laptop, which it’s right here.

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Dad shows how to see all the Christmas decorations at the Disney hotels in one day

I’m just going to go through and read a little bit, and kind of give you the outline. Starting at the Art of Animation, the first place you can go is you can just walk over to the Pop Century, there’s a little bridge between the hotels. You just cross the street, go over to the Pop Century, tour the Pop Century, that’s the first one. From there, you grab a bus and go to Disney Hollywood Studios and you change buses at Disney Hollywood Studios, and then you go over to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

You would think Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, just walk, it’s not really … you could walk from the Art of Animation to the Caribbean Beach, but there’s no good way to get across over there. They’re right next to each other but there’s just no good way to get from here to there. Plus, where you want to go at the Caribbean Beach Resort is in the front part of the resort, it’s not over by where you enter. It’s kind of a little difficult path, so bus over to Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Studios change buses, go over to Caribbean Beach Resort.

From there you bus back to Hollywood Studios, change buses and go to Coronado Springs. That is the next resort. Then you grab a bus to Animal Kingdom, because it’s just a little closer to Animal Kingdom, and then take the bus to the All-Star Resorts.

You can either walk between the three All-Star Resorts or you can take the bus that goes from inside … the buses go to all three of the hotels at the All-Stars, so you can kind of grab a bus and just go to the next hotel. All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies.

You get those three, then you jump back on the bus and go to Animal Kingdom and get a bus over to Animal Kingdom Lodge. At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, it’s divided into two parts, Jambo House which is the main part and Kidani Village. If you want to see both of those, you could take a bus between those, you might walk, but it’s kind of a hike.

After you get through with Jambo House, you come back to Animal Kingdom, catch a bus to Saratoga Springs. Saratoga Springs is right across from Disney Springs, there’s actually a bridge where you can walk over to Disney Springs and catch Disney Springs.

There’s brand new … they just announced yesterday I think that Disney Springs is going to have a new Christmas tree exhibit, a bunch of Christmas trees that sounds like it’s going to be really cool and really something that you’ll want to check out while you’re there. From Disney Springs you can catch a bus to anywhere which is really good.

You can also catch a boat, from Disney Springs catch the boat and go up to Old Key West and see Old Key West. You can also take that same boat from Old Key West up to the Port Orleans and see both the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. From there, now we get into the fun part.

From there, you take the bus up to the Magic Kingdom and catch all the Magic Kingdom Hotels. These are some of the best decorated hotels at Disney World during Christmas. You’ve got the Contemporary, if you follow around the … take the monorail around on the resort loop, you’ll start at the Contemporary, then you’ll go to the Polynesian, and then the big one, the grand-daddy of Christmas decorations, the Grand Floridian.

The gingerbread house in there, huge, 1,000 square foot house, gingerbread house built inside the lobby of the Grand Floridian. There’s a 60-foot tall Christmas tree, there’s music playing, Christmas music playing by orchestras, it’s live music. Sometimes they have an orchestra, sometimes a piano player, but usually it’s an orchestra, it’s really, really beautiful.

From the Grand Floridian, you’ll want to take the monorail on over to the Magic Kingdom, get off the monorail, come down, and walk down to the boat launch. Right there, as you get off the monorail, when you come out, the boat launch to the Wilderness Lodge, it’ll be right there, just take the boat over to the Wilderness Lodge Resort, beautiful at Christmas, I love that resort, the wood and all of that, it’s just beautiful.

After you get through with the Wilderness Lodge, you just go back out to the boat dock and you get on the boat. There’s a boat that goes from the Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. You’ll want to be in Fort Wilderness Campgrounds after dark, and from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds you kind of want to take a bus through the campgrounds because a lot of the campers will decorate their campsites. There’s some great, some beautiful decorations in the campsites at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. You just take the bus that starts up around Pioneer Hall, and you take it on back to the bus area.

From the Fort Wilderness Campground area, you can take the bus over to EPCOT, and then from EPCOT you’ll take a bus over to the Yacht Club. You can tour the Yacht Club, walk over to the Beach Club, walk over to the Boardwalk and that gets them all I think.

Maybe … did we get? Yeah, we got them all. I think that gets them all. Then you can go from there to the Magic Kingdom, to EPCOT, to Disney Hollywood Studios, to Disney Springs, to Animal Kingdom, and then take a bus back to the Art of Animation, and you’re done. Wow. What a day. You get that done in one day and you will have done something.

If you had your own transportation you could kind of follow that same and cut out a lot of time by not going back and forth. It’d be just real easy to jump in a car and drive to the different resorts. Using Disney transportation, we’ll put that sixty-five step, we’ll put that in the document below. It’s going to be a big, long day to do it with Disney transportation.

Of course you could cut it down and just do the deluxe hotels, the two major ones at the Magic Kingdom area, at the EPCOT area, that would be incredible. There’s some beautiful, beautiful Christmas decorations at the deluxe resorts by the Magic Kingdom and by EPCOT. I hope that helps.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is it can be done, it’ll be a long day, it’ll be a full day if you want to see them all with Disney Transportation. I hope that helps. Have a great day, thanks. Bye-bye.


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