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Christmas music played in the background in the parks



Here’s one more, don’t know who sent this in. Question was, and this one’s quick, “Is it possible to get a CD of the Christmas music played in the background at the parks?”


That’s a great question. I wish they’d do that every year. I wish they’d put out hundreds of CDs. There is one that they put out a few years ago, I believe in 2011, that is available on You can check it out. We’ll put a link down below to the CD on Amazon.


Disney Parks Christmas CD

Get your Disney Parks Christmas CD Music Click Here!


It is produced by Disney, it was sold by Disney, so this is not some knock off, this is the Disney version of the park music at Christmas. Grab it, it’s good. I love the park music at Christmas. I was just there this last year a couple days. I just can sit and listen to it all day long. In fact, I did, I think.




disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana




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