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Christmas Season at Disney World

So my question is that you have said everyone should go to Disney at Christmas but did you mean sometime during Christmas Season at Walt Disney World while everything is decorated and lit up for Christmas or did you mean you should go ON Christmas day?



Dad’s Christmas Day is nuts Answer



I do think that everyone should go to Walt Disney World during the Christmas season. It’s the most wonderful, best, greatest, time of the year. The whole 40,000 acres sings along with Dad and the Charlie Brown singers …


Christmas time is here.


Doesn’t Dad sing good? (The answer is yes.)


Christmas season at Disney World starts during the first week of November and lasts until the first Sunday after New Years. The shows, the decorations, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, all of the holiday happenings will start right after Halloween.

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Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year at Walt Disney World. Over 120,000 people will try to cram into the Magic Kingdom. One hundred thousand in the Magic Kingdom. It’s nuts. There so many people that parks close to incoming guests. You might stand in line for over an hour just to get a hot dog at Casey’s Corner.


The rest of Christmas week is almost as bad. So, no, Dad doesn’t recommend you go to Walt Disney World on Christmas Day. In fact, Dad absolutely doesn’t recommend anyone go to Disney World on December 25th.


I highly recommend you pick one of the other quieter weeks before Christmas. The top two I recommend are the week after Thanksgiving and the second week after that.


I prefer December a bit over November just because of the Candlelight Processional which starts the day after Thanksgiving. It’s our favorite Christmas show at Disney World. It’s not to be missed, but you can’t see it until after Thanksgiving.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Emilie, stay away from Christmas Day (and week) if you want to enjoy your time at Walt Disney World. Christmas Day at Disney World is nuts, but Christmas Season at Walt Disney World is the best time of the year to visit.


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