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Cinderella and O’hana on the same day. Too much?


by Kinny
(British Columbia, Canada)


We are lucky to get two reservations in Nov 20. Lunch at the Cinderella castle at noon and the dinner at O’hana at 4:45 p.m. We’ve never been to Disney world, so we’d like to experience as much as we can, however, are the two meals too much in a day?


We have a 5 years old daughter. We are booked to go to Akershus the day before.


Please advise!



The Salad from 'Ohana

You can get salad at ‘Ohana (why bother?)

Dad’s Overeating Answer




Wow – you’re certainly lucky to get Advanced Dining Reservations at ‘Ohana and Cinderalla’s Royal Table, which are two of Walt Disney World’s most in-demand restaurants! But two big meals in one day can pose a problem. First of all, it’s a LOT of food , and secondly, you’re not going to want to spend all day sitting down to eat instead of having fun at the parks! It’s quite a pickle, but Dad’s here to help!


Dad has a bit of experience in this department. He once booked a late dinner at ‘Ohana and then the next morning an early breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe (an all you can eat huge breakfast). It wasn’t a pretty site. (See the story here.)


Like I said, both of these reservations are for BIG meals. You can’t even select a smaller meal at one because lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table is a prix fixe 3-course meal, and dinner at ‘Ohana is all you can eat! None of that “Oh, I’ll just have a salad” stuff at these restaurants!


Plus, two meals is a long time – figure at least 2 hours for each one – that’s 4 hours of your day gone just like that! You probably won’t get out from lunch at the Castle till 2, and by 3:30 you’ll want to be leaving the Magic Kingdom to head over to Disney’s Polynesian Resort for your dinner reservation. If you had a later dinner reservation around 8pm or so it might be a different story.


So what to do, what to do? In a perfect world, I’d love for you to be able to dine at both of these locations. If you can secure a different date for either of these, you can certainly eat at both on different days. But that may not be possible, so let’s get down to some tough decision-making.


Lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table is a grand affair – you’ll get to meet Cinderella and many of her princess friends all from the most magical location in Walt Disney World – inside Cinderella Castle itself! It’s certainly a unique location, but since you’ll be dining with Princesses the day before at Akershus, it may not be the most unique experience. Expect 3 courses: appetizer, entrée, and dessert for a steep price – but it includes a family photo and a princess wand for your daughter!


Dad’s Cinderella’s Royal Table Page


Dinner at ‘Ohana doesn’t have characters, but it does have entertainment! Throughout dinner, you’ll be serenaded by one of your “cousins” who performs traditional Hawaiian songs, teaches everyone to hula dance, and plays games with the kids (including the famous coconut race!). Dinner is all-you-can-eat and served family style – there are so many dishes there’s something for everyone! And one of the best desserts around – this is Dad’s favorite WDW restaurant.


Dad’s ‘Ohana Page


Overall, if you can’t switch your reservation dates, don’t force yourself to have two huge meals so close together, just pick one. Either restaurant will be perfect for making memories, but if it were up to Dad, he’d pick ‘Ohana. You’ll still have your fairytale princess meal at Akershus, and dinner at ‘Ohana will be a fun new experience for your daughter (plus it doesn’t hurt that dinner there is less expensive than lunch at Cindy’s!).

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Kinney, do both of these restaurants on different days if you can, but if switching your reservations isn’t possible, don’t force it – just pick one (Dad suggests ‘Ohana).


inside the Sci Fi Dine In



the fire pit at 'Ohana



the disney world website for ADRs

advanced dining reservations


Disney Dining Plan

dining plan


Comments for Cinderella and O’hana on the same day. Too much?

Nov 08, 2012 Thank you
by: Kinny Dear Dad
Thank you for your advise. Since I posted, I was able to grab Cindy’s castle dinner on a different day, so everything is working out! We are leaving for WDW in a few days and we are so excited!

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