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Cinderella’s Castle / Dinner

Cinderella’s Castle for a special dinner.

I have heard that if you book a dining reservation late in the evening – that you can view the fireworks from Cinderella Castle – is this true? – and is this a good vantage point to view the fireworks? – It’s my 25th wedding anniversary and I was looking for something ‘special’ – We have reservations at 9:40 PM for our last day at WDW – was just looking for your thoughts on if this was the best way to ‘cap off our trip’?

If you have any additional ideas – feel free to expound – Thanks

Dad’s Bad Information Answer

Don’t do it.

You can’t see the fireworks at all from Cinderella Castle at Dinner. Cinderella’s Royal Table doesn’t have any windows that look outside. There are some stained glass windows, but not any big open windows where you could see Wishes. Even if you could, the view wouldn’t be very good. You would be very close to where the fireworks are shot from, and you wouldn’t see the whole effect.

That being said, having a celebration dinner at CRT is a great idea, just go a little earlier. Make sure and tell them about your anniversary. You won’t be sorry.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

A better idea might be a fireworks dinner cruise. You get to watch Wishes from Seven Seas Lagoon. You can have dinner catered onto the boat. It’s really pricey (minimum of around $275.00 plus food), but it’s a great way to celebrate something special.

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You can book by calling (407) WDW-PLAY ask them how to order food for the evening.

Comments for Cinderella’s Castle / Dinner

Mar 01, 2010

How about O’hana?

by: Mrs. Mom

If it was my 25th wedding anniversary, I would go to O’hana and ask for a table by the windows that overlook the castle. (Can you do that?, dear husband, if you explain the occasion?) They have some tables that are away from the action of the fun and games. Depending on the weather, I would watch the fireworks from O’hana OR go walk/sit on the beach for the fireworks.

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