Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table boasts the best location for a restaurant in the world: Yes, I mean Disney World. It’s located right smack dab in the middle of the Magic Kingdom in Cinderella Castle (imagine that).

At every meal, each table is visited by very memorable Princesses. Reservations here are some of the most coveted and hardest reservations to get in all of Walt Disney World. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily.

Every kid (and parent) should eat one meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Some parents even dress up their little girls as Princesses just for this meal. Your little princess can even get a “Princess Transformation” done at Bibbidi Boddidi Boutique in the castle.

Theming and Experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is decorated to look like a banquet hall that would fit in a medieval castle. It has high ceilings and tapestries (those big long flag looking things) flowing from the big fake brick columns.

Suits of armor line the halls and there’s even has a royal throne that whole family can sit on. Apparently Kings had wide… (yeah, I know, don’t say it.)

Your meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table starts with a Royal Summons to have your Royal Picture taken by the Royal Photographer. (I’m just making up the royal part.) Then you move up the stairs to the Royal Banquet Hall.

The picture is a great part of the meal package. It will be processed and delivered to your table while you are eating. Don’t miss it. The nice young people will even offer to print extra copies (for an additional fee) aren’t they thoughtful.

Eating here is an experience of a lifetime.

The Menu at Cinderella’s Royal Table

“Once Upon a Time Breakfast”

The “Once Upon a Time Breakfast” at Cinderella’s Royal Table is a complete dining experience. When your table is ready a photographer will be on hand to take your picture. You will be whisked upstairs to your waiting table where Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, and other Princesses like Snow White, Aurora and Bell make the rounds.

The food, for breakfast food, is almost as special as the atmosphere. While you are dining, Disney Princesses will visit your table for pictures and autographs.

A Fairytale Lunch

Sometimes dreams do come true. If your child dreams of meeting any of the Disney Princesses, the Magic Kingdom Castle is the place. Various Princesses including Cinderella move from table to table chatting with guests, signing autographs, posing for pictures, and generally making A Fairytale Lunch utterly delightful.

The lunch and dinner menus are much the same except lunch doesn’t offer appetizers but does offer a Chef’s Tasting Plate which is a few “Specialities of the Castle.”

Dreams Come True Dinner

Dinner is the signature meal of the day at Cinderella’ Royal Table. Picture taking is a must. Again the evening starts with a photo of your evening, usually taken with Cinderella herself.

Fairy Godmother presides over the mansion and acknowledges special events in person. This is a great place for a proposal, a celebration of anniversaries or birthdays. Dreams do come true as many events happen every evening. Reservations are a must.

Reservations and the Disney Dining Plan

You can make advance dining reservations (ADRs) 180 days (and 180 days only) prior to your arrival, and for this restaurant reservations are required most of the year.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all count as two full service meal credits as part of the Disney Dining Plan.

All Disney Restaurants are non-smoking.

More Magic Kingdom Dining

Magic Kingdom dining is not anything special. That’s the rep that’s gone around for years. That’s not so true anymore. There is a lot of great places to eat all around the Magic Kingdom. Yes, Cindy’s is the best, but, well, check it out.