Construction at Caribbean Beach Resort

Construction at Caribbean Beach Resort

by Al


"Hi Dad,

We're thinking of Sept for Food & Wine Festival in 2018. Any insights on what construction might be complete by then at Caribbean Beach?"

The cannon overlooking the main building of the Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World

Some day things will be back to normal - Photo by Wayne Wood

Al, I have no idea for sure, but my guess is by September of 2018 the main building probably will be back up and running and everything will be back to normal. Sorta.

Dad's Caribbean Beach Resort page

Now, they're still going to be working on that new big Riviera Resort that they're building over there, but that's kind of away from where most of the stuff happens.
There will still be a lot of work going on for the foreseeable future. They'll still be working on the Skyliner, but most of the major construction will be done by September of 2018.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Bottom line is the Caribbean Beach Resort is still a mess, but it's getting better, and by September, it ought to be in decent shape.



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