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Contemporary Resort Garden Wing room


by Christine
(Indianapolis, IN )


Do you know what room #s we could ask for that would be located in the garden wing area at the Contemporary Resort that would be close to the A-Frame without having a parking lot view and has a King Bed. While we wanted to stay in the tower we don’t want to pay the extra money…we have a king bed garden view but don’t want to be put at the far end of the garden wing so that we have a long walk.


Contemporary Resort and the Garden Wing Rooms

The Contemporary Resort Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s I give up Answer




I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes (which is an eternity in Air Traffic Controller time) looking for a map I’ve seen in years past that showed what kind of bed was in each room of each resort at Disney World. I can’t find it. Sorry.


Requesting specific rooms at Walt Disney World can be a bit dicey. We’ve found it to be disappointing. We requested a room in a particular longhouse at the Polynesian Resort and ended up in a different longhouse. It was a real downer when we checked in. (It turned out to be a very good thing in the long run.)


Also, there is always a very small chance that you could get an upgrade and if you request a specific room number that upgrade probably wouldn’t happen.


Instead of requesting a specific room number, call Disney (or your travel agent) and tell them what you want in a room. They will put your request on your reservation and it will be processed when the room assigner assigns rooms (because assigning rooms is what a room assigner does).

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Disney doesn’t guarantee anything when it comes to room requests. They give precedence to families with disabilities, large families, and family groups. After all of that, your room request will be processed. Go ahead and put one in, it won’t hurt anything. But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t.


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