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Contemporary Resort or Disney Beach Club Resort??

by Kenna
(Inola, Oklahoma )

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“We are planning a trip for October 2019. Which resort would you recommend staying at, Contemporary or Disney Beach Club Resort? We have three kids 7, 6 & 2 (almost 3). It will be our first time to visit. We would like short travel trips to parks and dining. What would you recommend?”

There’s Not a Wrong Choice

It's just a short walk from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom

It’s just a short walk (and a nice view) – Photo by Brett Svenson



It’s going to be fun.

So, which resort should you stay in. Let me say first it really doesn’t matter. There is no wrong answer here. Either the Contemporary or the Beach Club Resort will be a great place to stay.

Short Travel

As with every hotel at Walt Disney World, travel time to the parks depends on location. With the Contemporary and Beach Club it boils down to whether you want to spend more time in the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT.

The Contemporary Resort is a short walk to the Magic Kingdom. You can also get there by monorail or boat. Right to the front gate.

Dad’s Contemporary Resort page

The Beach Club is a short walk to EPCOT. There’s also a boat from the Yacht Club to the International gate, but you’ll walk almost as far to get to the boat as you would to get to the park. The International Gate comes in at the International Gate which is between the United Kingdom and France.

Dad’s Beach Club page

Transportation to the Other Parks

Getting to the other parks is where there is a pretty clear winner between the two.

Getting from the Contemporary to EPCOT is pretty easy. You grab the monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), change to the EPCOT monorail and arrive at EPCOT.

Going from the Beach Club to the Magic Kingdom is a little tricker. It’s about a mile walk from the Beach Club to the EPCOT monorail. But the trip is pretty much the same. Monorail to the TTC and change to the Magic Kingdom monorail.

The Contemporary wins the MK/EPCOT battle.

Getting to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the Contemporary is pretty easy. You take the bus from the resort. (You could take the monorail, then walk but that’s a crazy long walk.)

From the Beach Club you can walk over to the Yacht Club and grab the launch (boat) down to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can also walk. It’s a rather long walk, but not a crazy one.

The Beach Club wins this round.

To Animal Kingdom or Disney Springs from either hotel it’s a bus ride. There’s not really any advantage to either, except at the Contemporary you could go over to the Magic Kingdom bus station where buses come more often.

The Contemporary wins this by a nose.

One thing I would recommend for sure is getting in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel as you make your reservations. They can help you choose the hotel that works best, make your dining reservations for you and even help with FastPass+.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kenna, it really boils down to where you want to spend your time. If you plan to eat a lot in EPCOT, you might consider staying at the Beach Club. If you plan a couple of days in the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary makes more sense. Overall, there’s no wrong answer.


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Mar 08, 2019 Contemporary or beach
by: Anonymous

I’ll solve that problem for you may I suggest staying at poly it’s the best resort by far and if your a dvc member you get a nice suite that’s a very short walk to ttc so your only a monorail or boat ride to mk or a monorail to EPCOT away

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