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Contemporary Resort – theme park view worth the splurge?

by Amy
(Birmingham, AL)

This will be our second trip to Disney with our three boys. Actually the first trip for our youngest, who is 4. We stayed at Port Orleans last time but this time decided to take the plunge and spend the extra money to stay at a resort on the monorail. My question is do you think it is worth the extra money to upgrade from a garden view room to a theme park view room? The idea of watching fireworks from our hotel room sounds magical but I wonder if it is really worth the money. What are your thoughts?

Dad’s it’s your money Answer


This is one of those answers where Dad can provide some information, but you have to make the decision for yourself.

For our family, we aren’t real big on views. We have never paid for an upgraded room anywhere. That being said, the Magic Kingdom view at the Contemporary is out of this world. But … the firework show is not the best. It’s all askew. Don’t get me wrong it’s still good, but the fireworks don’t explode over the castle. The shapes don’t look right because of the angle.

Is the Contemporary Resort theme park view worth the splurge? Not really, but it’s a great view. If you can afford it, go for it.

Comments for Contemporary Resort – theme park view worth the splurge?

Feb 06, 2011

Contemporary view versus Polynesian no view

by: Amy

Dad, thanks for the quick response! It was very helpful! So, one last question regarding this. I know you LOVE the Polynesian. It is about the same price to do the theme park view at Contemporary or standard bottom tier room at Polynesian. I originally picked Contemporary based on its proximity to Magic Kingdom where I thought we’d be most but after hearing all your rave review of the Polynesian I’m starting to wonder. Thoughts?

Dad Answers

Amy, yes, you can walk to the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary. It is more convenient in that way, but …

The Contemporary is now, and has always been, (in Dad’s not so humble opinion) kind of a “plastic” hotel. Uncle Walt designed the Contemporary to be futuristic. The building looks cool and the monorail driving right through the middle of the concourse is neat, but it’s still reminds me of the Space Shuttle. Old, functional technology that’s very governmentish.

The Polynesian, that’s a hotel with character. It has a real theme and it feels like something special. I like the restaurants better in the Polynesian, I like the shops better in the Polynesian. All in all Dad is just a Polynesian Snob.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Yes, Amy, for the same price I would go with the Polynesian. The ambiance, the gardens, the Tiki torches, I can’t think of a better experience. (Unless you like utilitarian.)

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page

PS. Hey, Amy, why not use Dad as your travel agent and we can discuss this in detail.

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