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Convention room request at the Grand Floridian

by Angel
(Charleston, SC)

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“We will be traveling to the Grand Floridian for a conference. Our room booking was called an outside building garden view. Any idea which building conference guests are typically housed in? Would you recommend sending a room request to any specific building? We will be traveling with a party of four, two adults and our two girls, age six and age three.”

The Grand Floridian from the water

Isn’t the Grand Floridian just beautiful – Photo by Cliff Wang

Angel, that’s a really good question. I’ve been to a couple of conferences at Walt Disney World. One was at the Yacht Club, the other one was at the Coronado Springs.

You’re going to be at the Grand Floridian. I don’t know much about the Grand Floridian, never stayed there, so I ask my partners at Destinations to Travel, who have experts on everything WDW, on all the hotels, etc..

They’ve stayed in all the hotels. They know almost as much as I do, and certain things they know a little more than I do, but they’re kind of experts on the hotels, so I asked them to answer the question for me. Stephanie Walsh, who’s one of their agents, sent me this great answer. I’m just going to read it right here.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

“How exciting to attend a conference held at Walt Disney World!” It really is. It’s a lot of fun. “Outer building garden view rooms are the most economical housing options at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Therefore, convention attendees are typically booked there.

Rooms in the Sago Cay building are the closest to the convention center. However, they are the farthest away from the pools. These rooms are also near the marina and not far from the main building. Conch Key offers room closest to the water transportation to the Magic Kingdom, but is located the farthest from the main building, restaurants, and pools.”

Dad’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa page

“It’s also quite a distance away from the convention center. The Big Pine Key and Boca Chica buildings offer accommodations that are very close to the pools and the main building, but are furthest away from the convention center, so it comes down to a decision.

Do you want to be closest to the convention center for getting yourself to the conference activities or close to the pools or water transportation to the Magic Kingdom for other members of your party, to maximize their time while you attend the conference? Keep in mind, you’re also being close to the main pool can increase the potential noise.

In my opinion, Sago Cay is your choice if you’re wanting quick transportation to and from your conference activities, but room in Big Pine Key would also give your family easy pool access, a quick trip to the main building, and a fairly short trip to the water transportation to the Magic Kingdom, even if it costs you a few steps to the conference.”

There you go Angel. You’ve got lots of options. It really doesn’t matter a lot. I know when I stayed at the Yacht Club, they put me in a room, that was kind of in the front. It was right by the front entrance, it was upstairs and it was pretty close to the elevators. It wasn’t a long walk to the front entrance, but it was kind of a hike, little bit of a hike, to the convention center. It’s just one of those things. It really doesn’t matter a lot.

What do you want? Look for the buildings that if you want to be close to the pools, you pick that one. Oh, and it’s not just you. For me, it was just me both times I went to these conferences. For you, you’ve got six and three and a spouse. You probably will want to be closer to transportation options to the main building than to the conference. You can walk a little extra. Unless you have mobility problems, you can walk a little bit extra over to the conference center.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Bottom line is, you’re at Disney World. What does it matter? You’re at the Grand Floridian. What does it matter? I would stay closer, if I could, to the main building. That’s just the best option you’re going to have.


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