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Convincing husband we should spend the money to go to Disney World

by Beth

How do I convince my husband that we should spend the money to go to Disney World? I have a 6 night 7 day deal all inclusive (air too!) for $3000. I know this is a lot of money but I think it is a great deal! He says he wants to go because our 5 year old REALLY wants go go…he just does not want to part with the money. HELP! Need your male perspective!

Dad’s manly Answer


Always remember the male is the man of the house and has to be treated as such. Which means, you have to outsmart him and usually that’s really not all that hard.

Yes, your husband is right, $3,000.00 is a lot of money. But you are also right, $3,000.00 for air, hotel, tickets and everything is a pretty good deal (depending on where you are staying).

So how are we going to convince your husband to spend the money to go to Disney World? Beat him silly until he breaks. No, OK, we’ll skip that one. We’re going to convince him it’s the Perfect Time to go on a Perfect Disney World Vacation with the Perfect Family. This is going to be good.

First, you’ve got to get him in the Disney World mood. He says he wants to go, so you’re half way there. Start out by renting a classic Disney movie (Dumbo or Bambi or something) and having a movie night. Then before the night is over ask Junior (or Janeior) if they’d like to go to Disney World. Now the table is set.

You’ve probably mentioned to him that you have a $3,000.00 price. Ask him what he thinks he’d be willing to spend. If he says anything over $1,500.00 your in business.

Now what you do is sit down and start itemizing all the parts. How much is the hotel? Have a couple of hotels prices including a real expensive hotel he would love. Then talk about what ticket cost. Make sure to have the water park option and park hopper option in your price. How much is the airfare? What does transportation cost. Make sure to have a rental car, taxi cabs and a limo priced.

Then after you get everything listed, start cutting out things (saving money) until you get to where he’s comfortable with a number. You cut the hotel down from the pricey one to the one you want, you take out the park hopper option and the water park option, then take out the transportation options. Pretty soon he’ll be begging to spend that $3,000.00.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is hard to say, but your husband may be right. You two need to sit down and really discuss this. Yes, a Walt Disney World Vacation is a wonderful family experience, but it’s also very expensive. $3,000.00 is a lot of money. Your husband may have a real good reason for not wanting to spend the money, or it might be that he’s just being “a guy”. If it’s the former, then accept it (I know, it’s hard). If he’s just being “a guy” then hit him with a rolling … better not do that.

Beth, without talking to you and your husband directly it’s really hard for me to tell you what to do. The best advice I can give is work with your husband to do what is best for your family.

Don’t know if that’s a male perspective, but that’s Dad’s perspective.

Comments for Convincing husband we should spend the money to go to Disney World

Apr 02, 2011

Disney Dollars in Perspective for family of 3

by: Tina

Money is just perspective, men like logic so get the amount down to an understandable figure e.g. $3000 for 7 days is $429 per day total,it is $143 per person per day BUT if you divide $3000 by a whole year of savings it is $8.22 per day which is only $2.73 per person per day you need to save in Disney Dollars for Magic that lasts a lifetime.

Then convince him that you will save $8.22 per day in not buying cappucinos and small untrackable purchases and you will put the money aside in a designated Disney Dollars account. GO NOW, and repay from savings. BE WARNED however, because once you have experienced Disney Magic this will lead to a life time of saving Disney Dollars for the next trip.

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