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Cross Country Creek – Not one of Mrs. Mom’s favorite places

Cross Country Creek is the slow flowing river that surrounds Blizzard Beach. In our family we call those little streams of water, Lazy Rivers.

Mrs. Mom loves Lazy Rivers.

When we go to water parks Mrs. Mom would be happy to take a book, grab an inner tube, and float the Lazy River all day long.

Yep, that would make Mrs. Mom happy.

We had been to Typhoon Lagoon and Mrs. Mom died happily in Castaway Creek until she was so sunburned she had to get out. (Yes, dear I’m exaggerating. Again.) So when I offered to take the kids up on some of the faster slides she happily volunteered to check out Cross Country Creek. (Research, she said.)

The kids and I tried some of the water slide, but the lines were horrendous (this was in August and everyone was at BB that day). So we decided to join up with Mrs. Mom. We went to the nearest entrance to Castaway Creek, and we waited, and we waited, and we… (you get the idea)

The Man-Child got tired of waiting and begged me to let them go on. OK, I said but stay together.

Finally, after waiting too long, I gave up and went back to our designated home base. There was Mrs. Mom. She had given up. Whasssup?

It’s too fast and rowdy, Mrs. Mom said. She explained that she had been kicked by some kids and that the Lazy River moved too fast. It’s not very relaxing, she said.

It’s not that I didn’t trust her, but… It didn’t look that fast.

I decided I’d go check it our for myself. I told her the kids were in it and that we should catch up with them. She reluctantly agreed, and off we went.

It’s not very smart to doubt Mrs. Mom. She’s pretty smart.

It may have changed over the years but Cross Country Creek is no Lazy River. It was fun, but not very relaxing.

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