Crowd Advice?

Crowd Advice?

by Tim "Griswold"

Hi Dad. I am a fellow Disney Dad. The Mrs calls me Clark Griswold. The last time I wrote in, I sent you on the infamous " Jersey Week Rant". I hope your dog has recovered since. I have taken the family to WDW the last 3 years, trying to tweak what week to go. I need some crowd advice. I am searching for the weeks with the lowest estimated crowd levels possible. I am flexible between Oct and May. I understand there are always crowds, but I would love to go a week when they are minimum, maybe its a phobia thing, I don't know lol. Thanks again for you help and for this great web site!!!!!

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Welcome back. First thing you need to do is go on Dad's Beautiful Crowd Pages and check out those months. You can find the links on ...

Dad's Disney World Crowd advice page

Here's Dad's Crowd advice. The lowest weeks of the year are usually the last week in January or the first week of February. But, Dad's favorite no crowd week would be the week of November 6-12. The crowds might be a little larger, but seeing the Christmas decorations magically appear would be something.

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Nov 12, 2010
Jersey Week
by: Ashley Ohlde


I just got back from New Jersey Week at Disney World and I can report that you and you alone, were absolutely correct in predicting low crowd levels for that entire week. My son and I were able to ride Expedition Everest 24 times, Mission to Mars 10 times, Splash Mountain 20 times and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror upwards of 10 times (those were our favorites but we also rode almost everything else in all four parks) with virtually no waiting. The hysteria over New Jersey Week and the prediction of hour long waits and other assorted doom and gloom on other websites seems downright ridiculous at this point. It makes me wonder if any of those people have actually ever even been to Disney World during that week.

Keep up the good work, Dad, and take a bow and give yourself a big pat on the back because YOU WERE RIGHT AND THEY WERE WRONG.

Thanks again for all of the advice,

Ashley Ohlde

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