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Crowds at Easter 2016 vs Memorial Day

by Veronica

Trying to decide the best time according to our school calendar, as far as crowds. We just got back staying Presidents week 2015 and though the crowds were crazy, we had an amazing time. Looking at the week of Easter 2016 versus Memorial Day weekend and into that last week of may. Are crowds basically crazy both times?


Easter is fun but busy – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s not so much Answer


President’s Week for some reason is one of the busiest times at Disney World. I have no idea how it became this way, but it has. I hate Walt Disney World crowds.

Dad’s Disney World Crowds page

Crowds definitely have an impact on how you can enjoy your time at Disney, but knowing there are crowds and keeping a positive attitude can go a long way too. Check out my Top 10 Tips about crowds at Disney and the best time to visit Disney.

As for Memorial Day weekend, this isn’t one of the “biggie” holidays. Crowds are usually moderate to heavy, but definitely not out of control. Memorial Day 2016 falls on Monday May 30th. Wait times for rides are expected to be under an hour, even for the big rides during this time of the month.

Easter 2016 falls on Sunday March 27th. Since Easter falls during the Spring Break time frame (March to early April) then crowds will be outrageous. Crowds are always big Easter Week.

Expect heavy crowds from March 27th through approximately April 6th. This means that crowds are expected to be wall-to-wall. Rides will have 1+ hour waits with a 2-3 hour wait for popular rides. Even quick service gets hit hard with a 30+ minute wait just to order your food. If you are going during this time period, you will want to make as many reservations for restaurants and attractions as you can. Trust me on this one.

If you want to know more about crowds for 2016, check out Dad’s 2016 Crowd Calendar.

Dad’s 2016 WDW Crowd Calendar page

When you are ready to book, give our friends at Destinations to Travel a shout. They know as much about crowds and traveling to Disney as Dad does.

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Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you have a choice between the two, definitely go Memorial Day week. Crowds will be significantly smaller, which should allow for a much better experience.

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