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Crowds During Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade Taping


by Tiffany J. L. Alfonso
(Tampa Bay, FL)

It wasn't as bad as it would be on 12/25, but it's just ludricous crowdwise.

It wasn't as bad as it would be on 12/25, but it's just ludricous crowdwise.


Hello Dad - I'm very pleased to ask you again!


Well, here are some questions about crowds during Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade taping. (I know you may rant, but here's one worth considering.) They are specific to one television special watched every Christmas: the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade.


Long story short, I went to the Magic Kingdom one December day last year. Little did I know that ABC was there, shooting the special that day! I saw not only cameras, but throngs of crowds. By the time I reached Frontierland, I saw an hour wait for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I didn't mind it and went there anyway. On the bright side, I saw a few Disney Characters and the Jonas Brothers!


Fortunately, it was not as bad as that one time I went to the MK on Christmas Day '96!


With my lesson learned, put yourself in your shoes. Would the MK be crazy on the days when ABC tapes the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade? How would it affect lines for the rides? Would you avoid the park on those days?

Dad's not crazy but Answer




Thanks for coming back. Love the picture.


No ranting today, unless I get to talking about Mariah Carey, I just love that girls voice. (Yes, that's relevant, she's rumored to be performing this year.)


Part of me says that you could probably find the crowds during the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade taping pretty light, at least away from the taping. I'd imagine that the taping actually will draw some of the crowd away, and during taping all the extras will be occupied.


The problem is, whenever taping is done, all of those extras are now in the park, for free and free to do whatever they want.


If it were me, and I was wanting to maximize my touring time, I'd go somewhere else. However, just once, I might watch how the create the parade for TV. I love that kind of stuff, I just don't have the patience for it.


PS. We also had a Christmas Day Disaster one year. So now Dad goes to Universal, it's a ghost town.

Comments for

Sep 20, 2011 Where?
by: Kristen How in the world can I register for the Disney Parks Christmas day parade? I have been to it before, but I went with a group of people. Actualy we have been twice. But my daughter was just a baby and does not remember any of it, she only see's the pictures. I would so love to suprise her with taking her. She's been through a lot in her 4 years of life so far, and come out so strong. Last year we only went to the Mickeys Not So Scarey Halloween party, she loved it and remembers it well =) Can someone please point me in the right direction??


by: Crystal This will be my 3rd year at Disney during Dec. 4-9. I can warn you now this is a very big national cheerleading & football time at Disney, which is why I go each year.

I always feel sorry for the families there with their children & not there for nationals. All they see & hear are cheerleaders cheering & football players. Who knows... maybe I'll see ya around : )

Apr 11, 2011 Christmas Parade Taping 2011
by: Marcia Hello...
We will be in Disney World from 11/30/11 to 12/6/11. I understand that the taping of the actual parade is Saturday, 12/4 with a rain date of 12/5. Thursday and Friday are other tapings but not the actual parade. So I am planning to go to Magic Kingdom on Thursday or Friday. Do you know if those days are typically crowded at the Magic Kingdom too? Or more just the parade taping day? Planning a trip for 3 families and this is the only timeframe that works for all of us so trying to pick the best (least crowded for us) day! Thanks!!!!

Dad Answers

For the most part the only portion of the park that is effected during taping is Main Street. There will be big crowds on Main Street, but the rides are "usually" uncrowded. Right after taping the rides will pick up and be crowded for a while.

I know I say this all the time, but check out They have the most complete crowd information and they have daily projections of crowd levels in each park. (They have a great accuracy rating too.)

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