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Crowds in late September

by Theresa

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“Me and my family plan on taking a trip to Disney World on September 22-26, 2019. We don’t really care to see Galaxy Edge, it would be sad not to go to Hollywood Studios and my kids will get over it also.

Based on when Pandora and Toy Story Lands crowds, do you think by September 22 the other 3 parks would still be impacted?? I figured a lot of people will wait for the second phase of opening. Do you think I should postpone my trip?”

We don’t know yet


When it comes to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I’m not sure we have any idea what the actual effect will be on the crowds in Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the other parks. Sure, we can all predict, but it’s just a prediction and nobody, not even Disney knows for sure what will happen.

First, it’s September we’re talking about. September is always the slowest month of the year crowd wise. Are people really going to take kids out of school in September and go to Disney World, in huge numbers, for the first time ever? We don’t know.

Yes, bookings are way up for September but does that mean super heavy crowds or just moderate crowds? We don’t know yet.

Will the people that show up all be headed to Galaxy’s Edge or will they spread across all 4 parks? We don’t know yet.

Will they get frustrated with the 8 hour lines for ONE RIDE, and head over to Universal (not really likely) or will they go to the other parks? We don’t know yet.

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

What we do know

What we do know is that Galaxy’s Edge is opening on August 29th. The crowds in September will be bigger than they’ve ever been. It will be hot and miserable. The Food and Wine Festival will be going on in EPCOT and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party will be happening in the Magic Kingdom.

That’s what we know for sure.

What we expect

I expect that crowds will be moderate to heavy overall. Crowds in the other parks will be moderate. In Hollywood Studios they will be heavy. All the rides in Hollywood Studios will be busy as people get frustrated because the lines at Galaxy’s Edge are so long.

I expect as September goes on for that to lessen a little. I think the 22nd through the 25th will be the “slowest” time of the month. After the 25th the October craziness will start arriving.

Change to when

You could change your plans but to when? The rest of the year after August 29th with be very busy. Even busier than September.

I guess if you can change to mid to late August, before Galaxy’s Edge opens, you will probably find light crowds, but what will changing cost?

Prices have probably gone up quite a bit since you booked and if you got Free Dining you’d lose that.

Find out for sure

You can get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel, hopefully you are already working with them, and see if you can find a date that works. I do hear that there will be some new promotions coming out soon for now through August 29. It might be worth it to check.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Theresa, the bottom line is we really don’t know exactly what September 22nd through 26th is going to look like. It will be busier than before the announcement that’s for sure, but what does that mean to the other parks? I would explore my options, but not rush to change. September is the slowest month of the year (by far) and I don’t see it becoming crazy busy overall. Hollywood Studios, yes, but not all of the parks.

Hope that helps.


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