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Disney World crowds

Disney World crowds can be overwhelming. You can deal with them if you just do a little homework. The first step is to select the time visit Walt Disney World. Below you will find Dad's monthly crowd pages to help as you plan the perfect Disney World vacation.

If you need more information

There is one source for all the Disney World throngs that even Dad can't match. That's They know everything going on in the parks right down to how long the lines are on the rides. They have a calendar that includes park attendance, park hours, and even recommendations for the best park to visit.

For more information about check out ...

Dad's page

Disney World Crowds from 1972

Disney World Crowds from 1972
Photo by Jeff_B

Once you've decided when to go to Orlando, you'll need some ideas about dealing with all the people that will be there when you arrive. That's Dad's specialty. See Dad's tips below.

A lot of people don't take the time to find out what Disney World is really like. Everyone sees those nice Disney videos, especially the Christmas ones, where there are just a few people in the parks. They make it look like you can go to Disney World at Christmas and be there all alone.

(Been there, done that, never going back. You could try Universal, it's a ghost town. Sorry Uncle Walt.)

Here's the information you need when you are planning your Disney World vacation.

They are necessary

Yes, dealing with hoards of people at Disney World will continue as long as there is a Disney World and that's a good thing. What? Yes, that's a good thing. It's great to be able to avoid the masses, but they are necessary.

Dad's Disney World Crowds are Necessary page



Dad's monthly pages

Here you go. You want to know what Disney World crowds are like? Well let 'ole Dad give you a hand. Dad goes through every month and gives prediction of just how busy it will be (in general) at Walt Disney World.

Check it out. These are Dad's predictions for Disney World attendance during the year. Dad bases his predictions on levels from previous years , and Dad's famous intuition (I know, men don't have intuition, but Dad does).

Here's what they look like

Disney World crowd calendar picture

How to avoid the throngs

Disney World Magic Kingdom no crowds picture
No crowds at the Magic Kingdom

You won't want to miss this.

Learn Dad's closely guarded secret for avoiding crowds. This secret has been handed down through the generations and is only told to a few very responsible types.

So for the low price of $2,004.22, Dad will share this secret with you, because if you pay Dad that much money you must be responsible.

Just kidding.

Here's Dad's Guide to Disney World crowds.

You'll find tips, secrets, and strategies for dealings with the hoards that invade the parks every day including special pages on Fastpass and Extra Magic Hour.

Each park is unique and there are some special methods for avoiding lines that work at each park. Here are Dad's links to those pages.

Dad's guides on how to avoid lines at

Magic Kingdom
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Animal Kingdom

You'll be amazed by what you find in these pages.

Trust me...

Ask Dad

If you don't find what you want to know on any of the pages above, you can always, Ask Dad. Dad knows everything. It's amazing.

Dad's Ask Dad page

Dad's Bottom Line

You can't always avoid lines and people at Disney World. They are a fact of life. If you plan your vacation for the low times, if you use Dad's great tips and strategies, you can have a worry free, crowdless, Disney World vacation.

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