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Crowds for September 2020?

from George


How busy do you think this Sept will be since they are offering free dining for people with canceled reservations to book then?

Dad Answers



September is always the slowest month of the year. By far. Even though Free Dining is always offered in September. It’s the most discounted month, always and it’s still the slowest month of the year. ALWAYS!

Dad’s September Disney World Crowds page

Crowds for September 2020


a crowds around a FastPass Kiosk in the Magic Kingdom will not happen with crowd for September 2020

You won’t see lines like this in September – photo by Laurie Sapp


I can tell you with totally certainty that I have no clue what September 2021 will bring. That being said, my guess is, September 2020 will be even slower than normal. Yes, there will be some people that had vacations canceled during Hurricane Coronavirus that will want to travel, but the reasons that people don’t go in September haven’t changed.


Schools will just be getting back in session and because of the shutdowns it will be even more important to get the kids back in school. International travel is going to be slow for a while so there won’t be a bump there. It’s real (not virus) hurricane season which keeps a lot of people away. There are just a lot of factors that keep people away from Walt Disney World in September.

Discounts Will be Coming

Disney hasn’t announced any new discounts for September, but I do think that another round of Free Dining will be announced shortly for the fall. Disney will try to get as many guests as possible to come, but they do that every year. Typically Free Dining comes out in mid-April so we could see another round of discounts come out shortly.


I highly recommend you get in touch with our partners over at Destinations to Travel and let them start working with you on your trip. It’s already time to make dining reservations, which they will help with. They will also watch your reservation for any discount that will come out and get it applied if they can.


Go over to my Destinations to Travel page and fill out the form.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Bottom Line

George, the bottom line is the crowds in September 2020 aren’t going to be big. The hangover from Hurricane Coronavirus is going to cast a shadow for at least the rest of 2020. I see the crowds being down for a while and that means September will be light crowds.


I hope.


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Comments 2

  1. Well, we had to swap out May 2020 trip on Friday due to them literally removing our Fast Pass selections and one of the dining reservations in place. I tried to have them bump me up a week deeper into May, but the system wouldn’t allow it.
    So by Friday night I had us re-booked for early September.
    I viewed your Crowd Calendar and this blog to help us decide when to re-book.
    I’m concerned it may take a long while before Disney works out the kinks with this virus impacting everything.
    Thanks for your blog and this response about September!
    I guess I can put away my luggage for now…

  2. Good morning George, we had April set up but that didn’t happen so rescheduled for August 23 thru Sept. 4. What do you suggest keeping or reschedule again due to this virus? Thanks, Jim

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