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The Disney World Crowds When the Parks Reopen

from Michelle


With WDW closing for approximately 2 weeks, what do you think the crowds will be like when the parks reopen? Do you think that the crowds will be higher in early June when we are supposed to travel? (June 3-13). My heart goes out to everyone that has had trips planned for months and years.

Dad Answers

No crowds in front of Cinderella Castle might be what the disney world crows will be when the parks reopen

Wouldn’t it be nice if the crowds were like this (yes and no) – photo by Judd Helms



Boy, that’s the question of the hour. What will crowds be like when the parks reopen? It’s an unanswerable question, but I’m game. Let’s see if I can talk some sense.

What Will the Crowds be Like When the Parks Reopen? Never Happened Before

We really don’t know what’s going to happen once the parks reopen. Why? Nothing like this has ever happened before. No, not even 9/11 (more on that in a minute).


Disney World has closed for a day or two from time to time in response to a hurricane, but NEVER have the Disney Parks all closed at the same time. Disney World has NEVER closed for more than 3 days in a row.


We’re in totally uncharted territory here. Will fans come rushing back or will they cancel trips for a while?

Dad talks about Hurricane Coronavirus

Like 9/11?

Is this like 9/11/2001? Not really.


This is not like 9/11 because that was a specific incident. It happened and it was over. Yes, we were all nervous when we flew for a while, but there was no push to keep crowds to a minimum. No worrying that a Sneezy might infect you with a “killer” virus. At least sports and most of life went on. Oh, and the economy was already headed down the tank when 9/11 happened so vacation travel was way down already.


I don’t see that here. Travel demand has been huge lately, especially at Disney World. Crowds this year have been CRAZY. There’s a lot of pent up demand for going to Disney World and I think that will have major bearing on what happens when Disney World reopens. Not only do you have the demand that has been stored up, but the demand from those who want to reschedule trips that have been missed due to the parks closing.

How Long Does Hurricane Coronavirus Last?

The other major consideration for what the crowds at Disney World will be when the parks reopen is how long does Hurricane Coronavirus last? For your June trip, if the parks reopen on April 1st (that’s so ripe for a blog post), then there won’t be a big affect on your trip. However, if it stays closed until say May 1st or later, then yes, then crowds might be more impacted for the summer.


It’s also how big Hurricane Coronavirus gets. Does Florida get 50,000 cases (like a typical flu) or does it stay in double or triple digits. (As of today, 3-14-20, Florida has 31 cases.) If in June, Florida is in the middle of an epidemic, I think you’ll see empty parks. If travel is discouraged, you’ll see empty parks. If Hurricane Coronavirus moves offshore (like hurricanes do), things might get busy.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Michelle, there’s no way at this point to know what the crowds will be like at Disney World when the parks reopen. My first thought is I think that crowds are going to be down for a while no matter when things get rolling again. You can’t just up and reschedule a vacation in a couple of weeks.


If the closures stretch into mid-April or May, then crowds in mid-June will be down. If the closure only lasts a couple of weeks like currently planned, then summer will be fairly normal crowd wise. I don’t see any scenario where crowds will be busier than predicted in the summer. It’s an all or nothing thing. They will either be down (maybe way down) or normal.

Dad’s June Disney World Crowds page

I hope that helps.

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Comments 8

  1. Also take into consideration is the ban on international travel you will not have people from other countries traveling in to go to Disney World. That was one of the things I liked the most was to have all these cultures come together

    1. I agree, but USA should re-open their border to leisure travel eventually. If they don’t for a while, we will be in trouble longer. Disney world as well.

  2. I’m really trying to remain optimistic for our May trip. Our balance is due beginning of April and we’ll pay it and their website says it will be reimbursed if the parks closed (at least for March closure for the policy).
    We will go if they reopen by then. I will re-book only if they are closed. Heck, I’ll have us drive the 1600 miles if flights are impacted.
    I just don’t know how they’ll wind things up to get it rolling after such a severe closure. I would imagine that two weeks after a closure things may still not be up and running to full capacity. It may mean shorter hours, less rides opened, so will it be “worth” the cost of full price if it’s at less than robust recovery opening.
    So many questions and uncertainty in an extremely uncertain time.
    I personally think, when Disney does open, it will be a big morale boost for the country since it is so beloved of a vacation destination.
    Here’s hoping for some Disney Magic for ALL of us!

  3. Can’t believe British revolution have left Epcot they were so popular and we need to campaign to bring them back where they belong

    1. Post

      There is a good chance that all of those acts will probably be brought back once this situation is resolved globally. I would wait until the parks are back open and international travel is going again to see what happens.

  4. If we have travelers insurance can we reschedule our trip for mid April now or do we have to wait to see if parks are closed??? My daughter is immune compromised and we won’t travel mid April even if parks open probably.

    1. Post

      I would wait until Disney cancels your dates because then they (Disney) will be responsible for the full refund not the travel insurance which will take longer and if you bought the insurance from Disney they will refund it too or add it into your rescheduled trip.

  5. Fear and funding are the components that will closely resemble 9/11. Except I think it will be more so. While during 9/11 there was an economic downturn, it wasn’t so bad to need relief from the government. This is just starting and the rate of unemployment applications is going to far surpass that time. While 9/11 put a lot of fear into many people, hindsight has shown us that it was handled properly and that fear melted away fairly quickly. This Covid-19 is a bigger issue. If there isn’t a vaccine by fall, it could happen again during the fall flu season, and yet again during the winter season. We are all guessing at this point, but, I don’t live in fear. And I will go to support the Happiest Place on Earth when it reopens because Disney relies upon us local passholders during times like this.

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