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Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Disney Palooza 2012 – THE PLAN?

I got this question from a nice guy named Don over on the Ask Dad page yesterday.

Hey Dad,
You mentioned a few days ago that you were going to post your planing materials but unfortunately you didn’t manage to post them. I was kinda hoping they would be online so I could plan for my trip. I apologize if you were already in the process.

Don, you caught me. I’ve been a bit lazy and tried to ignore the fact that I promised to reveal our plan.

It turns out my instincts were correct (or being lazy sometimes has it’s benefits.) Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Palooza plans are a bit in flux right now with the news today of the new FASTPASS+ testing. Dad’s whole plan may get flushed right down the you know what and he may have to start all over.

Come on, Dad. Get real. Even with the new FASTPASS thingy that’s only gonna make it easier to make a plan. Go ahead and tell us your plan and if it changes later, you can always update us with the new plan.

OK, you win. Here goes …

We’ll go through THE PLAN for the Palooza in great detail cause that’s what a Dad does. He bores everyone with his details. So off we go.

The Pop Century - Day 1 of the Palooza

The Pop Century is beautiful - Photo by Scott Smith

Saturday, October 6 –

  • Fly from OKC to MCO (Orlando International Airport) arriving around 3:30
  • For the first time ever Dad will not have a car at Disney World. We will be boarding the Magical Express bus for the relaxing trip to the Pop Century.
  • Grab our key from the Online Check-In Desk (yes, Dad is going to try this again)
  • Get a drink from Everything Pop and go skipping to our room. (That should be a site to see.)
  • Upon arriving we’ll try to get our bags delivered from Magical Express (I hope they make it) and settle in to the room for our one night at the Pop. (Probably won’t unpack for this one.)
  • For the evening, we are planning to go to Downtown Disney for some dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. Mrs. Mom hasn’t been to Downtown Disney in years and then only to A World of Disney, so we’ll walk around a bit and do some research. After all the whole trip is about research (at least that’s what I’m telling the IRS.)
  • The we are going to the Polynesian Resort to watch Wishes from the beach. (Dad has put his foot down on this one. Yep, Dad has to have his Wishes fix on the first night.)
  • Take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and ride the bus back to the Pop Century. (Why aren’t we renting a car again?)

So ends the Perfect first day of the Palooza.

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