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Dad asks the questions – Kid Friendly Family Vacations

by Dad


Turing the tables around this time Dad asks the questions about Kid Friendly Family Vacations.


Earlier in the year, I went to a webmaster conference and met several great webmasters. Some of them had sites related to Dad’s. Over the weekend, we discussed exchanging interviews so you could be exposed to some great websites and some great information.


Here’s the first of those interviews. It’s with Teresa Mills from Kid Friendly Family Vacations.

Rock n Roller Coaster is part of a kid friendly family vacation

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Teresa’s favorite Photo by Express Monorail

Here is the interview –


Tell me a little about Kid Friendly Family Vacations.


My husband and I really like to travel, and to give our kids experiences that will help to build their lives (life experiences is what we like to call them). With every vacation or trip we take, we are just building another life experience!


So, when I decided to build a website it only seemed logical to build the site around our family vacation experiences.


How did you get started?


I have a background in software development and web development, and I had tried building websites before. I studied about the Site Build It! Product, and after an extended period of studying about decided it would really work?. That I could build a site that would organically build traffic.


As I said before, “family vacations” was the logical choice for my first website.


What is the best Kid Friendly Family Vacation?


It may sound cliché, but I think the best family vacation is one that the whole family enjoys together. My family really enjoys visiting big cities, but that might be just because we live in a smaller community.


I think a family vacation needs to incorporate a little quiet time together to re-connect with each other. This is even more important as your children get a little older and are constantly going their own way during the days at home. This re-connect time might be around a camp fire in the mountains, driving home from a theme park, or eating dinner at a restaurant in a big city.


Tell me what makes a kid friendly family vacation destination.


You will find kid friendly things to do no matter where you travel. To me, a kid friendly vacation is one that kids will enjoy, but that the parents will also enjoy. A big city with a children’s museum is a fantastic treat for my family. We can spend hours exploring the exhibits, and the interactive displays. But big cities also have art and history museums – more to build your children’s life experiences. A kid friendly vacation has something for everyone in the family!


What are your top 3 tips for families who travel?


  1. Keep the kids interests in mind. Don’t let that govern every trip or the entire trip, but develop their interests.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Have fun, and enjoy each other


I notice a poll of favorite vacation destinations on your site. What usually wins?


Family Beach Trip with a Theme Park a close second. Surprisingly though, Big City ranks the lowest. I guess I think that is surprising because that is one of our favorite family vacations. Beaches and Theme Parks are always family favorites though.


What’s your favorite Kid Friendly thing at Walt Disney World?


Our family really enjoys EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. These two parks always tie for first place in our books. We enjoy the culture of the World Showcase section of EPCOT?. Usually choosing one of the International Restaurants for dinner one night?. Our favorite is the Biergarten Restaurant in Germany.


All of the interactive attractions in EPCOT rank highly in my book as kid friendly. EPCOT is one of the most kid friendly parks in WDW.


Fast, thrill rides are the other thing that is on the top of our agenda, so Hollywood Studios is always a favorite destination for the Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Thank you Teresa for taking the time to answer my questions. Click here for Teresa’s page on Walt Disney World. Hopefully you’ll see more of these interviews in the future.


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