Dad is Retiring!

We’ll be closing this site on December 31, 2020.

As of June 2, 2020, we’ll no longer be updating content. But don’t worry - Dad’s friends can still help with all your Disney dreaming, planning, and booking needs!

Thank you for your support of Dad’s Guide to WDW for the past 11 years!

Dad is Retiring

Yes, you read right. For the second time in my life, I’m retiring. After 12 years, thousands of questions answered, over 100 Facebook lives, millions of people helped, it’s time for Dad to move on to the next chapter in life.


It’s a hard decision but one that had to be made.


For the last several years it’s been harder and harder for me to give Dad’s Guide the attention it needs and deserves. We made a commitment this year to try to get the site updated and for me to spend more time writing, but it just didn’t happen.


As of today (June 2), we will no longer be posting any new content or updating Dad’s Guide. The site will stay active through the end of the year but after that it will go away.


While Dad’s Guide is going away, Dad (Carl) is not actually retiring. I’m am going to be devoting all of my energies to WDW Magazine. Since I started the magazine I’ve tried to split my time between it and Dad’s Guide but it never really worked and it’s time to choose between them. I love both, but the magazine has really taken off and it just makes more sense for me to focus my energies over there.


So if you want to talk to me, go over to the WDW Magazine Facebook page. I’m usually check it several times a day and if I’m not around one of our team will answer or let me know.


For more information about the Dad’s Retirement you can watch the Retirement party we had on Facebook. The announcement is at the very end.

Click here to see the Facebook Party

I’m sorry. I know, it’s sad, but it’s the right thing. Come see me over at WDW Magazine.

Dad’s other job WDW Magazine

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  1. 🙁 So sad Dad.
    I’m happy for you, but I LOVE your blog!
    But now I will make a point of checking out your FB page!
    Best of luck in all your ventures too!

  2. Thanks for your dedication over the years! I visited Disneyworld for the first time a few years back and your site helped my first trip unforgettable.

  3. Sorry to read this, but I understand. You have been an HUGE help to me for the past 11 years. I discovered your site by accident, but I don’t know how I would have planned our family trips to Disney without it.

    Thank you for the great service you have provided and good luck with your next chapter!!

  4. It’s amazing where time goes — I’ve ‘retired’ a few times in the last 8 years ( twice companies retired me but that’s another story…I understand time is a precious commodity. I’ve thrice started a book that needs completion while I do 3 other tings in life to put food on the table as well. Wish you nothing but the best and glad you’ll still be there at WDW Magazine where I’ve been with you since the original requests to put up money to see if there was enough interest.
    take care – I may try and make that on line party

  5. Best wishes on your retirement! You will be missed! I do have a question. Is Dad’s guide to WDW calendar in the magazine?

  6. Congratulations, DAD on the next phase of your career! I love WDW Magazine and am glad you will be happy devoting more time to that. As a fellow citizen of Edmond, Oklahoma I still hope to bump into you at the grocery or local eateries. In the meantime, I have my WDW Magazine on the back window of my red Mazda, so honk if you see me!

  7. Best wishes to you! Talk one of your Disney friends/cohorts into doing a crowd calendar in the future (after covid crazy settles down.) Yours was THE best.

  8. Congratulations on the retirement, I will miss your updates and stories also your tips and advice. You have helped me for our trips do many times I have always enjoyed getting your updates, you have done an amazing job, I just can’t believe it’s been twelve years even,hope Disney appreciated you as much as we did ,Thanks for all you did and please try to relax and enjoy,but know you will be missed.

  9. Your articles/emails really helped me and my wife to find a lot of tips. We became parents in Oct 2019, so our wish is to take our son to Disney in a couple of years. It’s sad that this site will not be around for that time. I wish you the best with the Magazine. From one dad to another, thank you for your guidance.

  10. Dear Carl- thank you for all your hard work but I think you’re choosing wisely. We absolutely LOVE WDW Magazine. It is a beauty! Your photos are fabulous and your articles are extremely detailed. It’s the only magazine we read in this house these days. Nothing else compares! We also love your chart with regard to the status of all projects. It is such a great magazine! Truly! Thank you for making it happen! We love you! Linda Miller and family

  11. ‘bye dad. Will definitely miss your guide to WDW. It brings a tear to my eye knowing it will be gone. 😥
    Well, at least we still have WDW magazine.

    Enjoy your partial retirement! 😊

  12. Hi Dad, Congratulations to you. Sorry to see your taking down Dads guide, as a life long Disney addict I can get through most Disney stuff on my own, I just really enjoy your singing… That’s what keeps me coming back to check in and read your guide. Plus I find your crowd calendar one of the best there is. We subscribe to both digital and now the paper copy of WDW Magazine so just do me a favor and sing something to us from time to time… Thanks again … now it’s time to say goodbye …

  13. Dad
    I stumbled upon your site when it first started!! I used your crowd calendars religiously….your site allowed me to “dream” about my next trip when ever that would be while my kids were 8n middle-high school.
    I loved everything about it.
    Families travel questions
    Resort questions
    Holiday questions.
    Your love of the “Poly” and Christmas clicked with me as they are MY favorites
    It’s been a constant in my inbox…
    It has always brought a smile to my face and a flood of memories of my past trips…😊😊
    You were my “first” Disney related site I would refer to and the best site.
    I am sooo going to miss my crowd calanders….I still look at them for every trip I take….even after almost 30 yrs of eagerly anticipated trips to Disney.
    Thanks so much for the info and joy you’ve brought me through your LOVE for Disney 💖


    You have been a life safer a vacation maker and the only voice my husband will listen to

    initially I sold him on your crowd calendar if dad said it you know he’s looking out for the dads the men pulled away from baseball, carpentry projects and well-deserved afternoon naps dads dont like to waste time nor do they want their families jostled.

    Thank you soo very much for your vast information so wittily imparted
    Dad will be missed by my extended brood of SW Floridians

  15. It’s sad to see you close this site. It was extremely helpful for our planning and made our trips awesome.
    Thank You for all the info.

  16. So sorry to see this site end. I have always found the best answers to questions and tips here. I have your book and loved reading it. Not only was the information first rate, but it was also an enjoyable read. Thg best of wishes to you with the magazine, which also is wonderful.
    Annette Wasielewski

  17. Thank you for your WDW Wisdom, your commitment to making a Disney vacation a wonderful experience, and your time in answering so many questions. You will be missed!!!!

  18. Will there still be access to the Dad’s Guide online? Every time I start reading one of your answers, I start clicking on various links to different sites and can end up spending hours going through everything. I know everyone will miss that greatly!

  19. It’s been a blessing to “know” ya & I’ve appreciated your hard work & effort over the years which helped me IMMENSELY while planning our vacations. THANKS DAD!!!!!!

  20. Hey “Dad”

    Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful site! I referred many friends here to plan their Disney vacations, as well as check out your crowd pages when planning my family’s trips as well. Going to really miss the site but totally understand. Best of luck with the magazine and thank you so much again!

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