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Dad knows Disney World Crowds

Dad knows Disney World Crowds!

I know some of you out there wonder …

Does Dad really know what he’s talking about?

You read all these other sites that say things that Dad doesn’t entirely agree with. In fact some of you have sent in questions all panicy asking about this week or that because you just read somewhere that a billion Chinese come to Disney World every year on the sixth week of Juvebember or something.

I keep saying, trust me … Dad knows Disney World crowds.

Several weeks ago, Dad got a question about Jersey Week at Disney World. The nice person, who didn’t leave their name, asked nicely if Dad knew what he was talking about because this nice person had been reading on all the Disney sites about the hoards that descend on Disney World the first week of November. Dad’s great crowd calendars proudly proclaimed the crowds as light the first week of November. Surely Dad had it wrong, or just forgot, or even worse, didn’t know about Jersey week.

Read the question and Dad’s answer about Jersey Week at Disney World

So hey, last week was the first week in November, the infamous “Jersey Week”, how did Dad do? Let’s find out.

Dad’s November Crowd Calendar

Dad got a note today from a loyal fan named Ashley (seems like there are more and more of those every day, thank you). Here’s what she said …

I just got back from New Jersey Week at Disney World and I can report that you and you alone, were absolutely correct in predicting low crowd levels for that entire week. My son and I were able to ride Expedition Everest 24 times, Mission to Mars 10 times, Splash Mountain 20 times and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror upwards of 10 times (those were our favorites but we also rode almost everything else in all four parks) with virtually no waiting. The hysteria over New Jersey Week and the prediction of hour long waits and other assorted doom and gloom on other websites seems downright ridiculous at this point. It makes me wonder if any of those people have actually ever even been to Disney World during that week.

Keep up the good work, Dad, and take a bow and give yourself a big pat on the back because YOU WERE RIGHT AND THEY WERE WRONG.

Thanks again for all of the advice,

Pardon me while I fire off a short note to Ashley,


First let me say thank you for the feedback. Confirmation is always a good thing. I’m glad you had a wonderful time and happy that I could play a small role in it. I’m a bit jealous you got to ride all those rides so many times (not really, because most of those rides make Dad sick). Keep in touch. I’d love to hear your stories.

Thanks again,


Like I keep telling you …

Trust me

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  1. So glad to read this. Was just speaking to husband about possibly cancelling / rescheduling our trip due to “Jersey” week … I now have hope. We always travel in September & hit Halloween Party with the Kiddos… with great success & NO LINES!!!! but we wanted to catch Christmas shows this trip … Will let you know – we arrive 11/2/12 & come back 11/10/12…
    Hopeful in Louisiana,
    Powell Family

  2. I found your website and level-headed advice while planning for this November’s trip. Yes, I’d heard about Jersey week and, yes, there was some initial panic. But coming here was like breathing into a paper bag. All will be well; Dad says. Thanks.

  3. As frequent Disney-goers, we actually experienced Jersey Week in 2003 and 2005. Once we were right in the middle of it, and once it was starting up on our final weekend. I realize that was pretty long ago, and things may have changed.

    Here is our experience:
    The first time we experienced “Jersey week,” we had no idea that it was happening. All we knew was that crowd levels were suddenly higher than we had experienced in the few days prior, and it seemed very loud. (We have children with autism, who are sensitive to noise.) Where we’d been able to have 20 minute waits on most rides, it was suddenly up to 40, and we were having to use our Guest Assistance Card more. When we got home was when I first heard of Jersey Week and we realized that our trip had overlapped with that week.

    On the second trip, we purposely went early, but our last weekend there was the start of Jersey Week. I noticed the difference when I took the boys the pool at Boardwalk–all of a sudden, the volume level was way higher. Lots of moms yelling, sounding like Fran Drescher.

    IMO for some reason people from New York and New Jersey tend to talk/yell louder than people from other areas. Maybe it is the culture.

    I suppose things might be different now BECAUSE there are enough people that do avoid Jersey week that it keeps the crowds low. At any rate, if you’re sensitive to noise, you might want to still avoid this week. This year it is the first week of November. Sometimes it is the first full week which almost seems like the 2nd week.

  4. The NJ “culture”? Really Margo? I happen to be a soft spoken teacher from NJ with 2 very well behaved children and think your comment was ridiculous. Crowds create noise levels not moms from a certain region.
    We have attended WDW every November for over ten years and yes, it has gotten more crowded, but them again, so has every week. There simply is no “off” season anymore due to all the websites that eagerly gave away the best times to visit. Therefore, crowds are to be expected.
    However, there is no NJ culture for visitors to be fearful of!

  5. Um Linda I too am from Jersey then moved to florida. We have caught some of Jersey week and I agree with Margo. It IS louder. It IS our culture. Don’t be offended if you are not part of the noise. She was not insulting just acknowledging. Jersey week is the sound of home for me lol. And there IS a difference. My husband noticed immediately. We find it comical but as you say no one should fear it. Disney is not that quite but jersey week kicks it up a notch 🙂

  6. We just got back from Disney and were there during Jersey Week. We visited 4 parks and MK was the busiest but most places were only about 5-10 minutes behind the fast pass lines. We defiantly couldn’t walk on any ride multiple times but it was manageable. As for the noise?? No different from any crowded theme park…we have 4 kids so we’re used to noisy. I felt like it was a combo of jersey week and the fact that most schools have election say off and parents used this week because it was one less day of missed school. We would like to go again in 2 years but I’d only like to go during free dining. Anyone know how long that go through winter? We wouldn’t be going during Christmas.

    1. Post

      Free dining this year lasted until December 20 or so but don’t bank on Free Dining. It may stay around, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m surprised they offered it this year. With all the new rides opening in 2016 I’m not sure Disney will be doing a lot of discounts.

  7. I was there this past Nov from the 1st to the 10th. It was alot busier then past years from the feedback I got from cast members and other visitors that regularly visit during that time. The extended Food and Wine festival and the free dining on top of it being Jersey, Plus the race weekend for the end of the food and wine festival played alot into extra crowds.

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  9. There is not a DVC studio available November 9 2017. And barley anything the whole week. So you can’t tell me Jersey week doesn’t exist. Avoid !!!!!

  10. Going for the first time for ” Jersey Week” this year. I am from NJ so I guess we will feel right at home. I will say I have been to Disney several times each at different times of the year and I have experienced rude pushy people FROM ALL OVER not just from Jersey! Why do people act like all the rude people in the world only come from NJ? I get that we may talk louder but does that make us God aweful people to be fearful of?

  11. Rudeness is everywhere but NJ rude is worse cause the parents are rude as well , I hate traveling to state and I always hated doing business with people from state. Go ahead and bury my post but I speak from 25 yrs experience working closely to area, both high income and low income , I’d rather drink from a mud puddle than spend a week around a park full of loud mouths.

  12. oh my goodness! these posts have me laughing out loud ( but not too loud, i hope). I’m from south jersey, but i am quiet and reserved and so are my kids. however, my husband grew up in an area where there were lots of north jerseyans and new yorkers…he is very loud. i have found the new jerseyans that came from the north or new york do tend to be louder and sometimes obnoxiously so. but, I’m justing pointing this out because i receive prejudgement every where i go, because people assume that because we are from new jersey that we are like the people they saw on jersey shore. most of the people from south jersey are not at all anything like this. Anyhoo, we used to always go that first weekend of november because new jersey has their teachers convention, so we didn’t want the kids to miss too much school. However, we stopped going because of the immense crowds plus we got tired of seeing everyone we knew from jersey. Its been maybe 10 years or less since we’ve been that week. Maybe others have felt the same as us and stopped going that week, therefore the crowds have simmered down a bit. I am still ever searching for a “quiet” time in disney, like in the old days. But it does seem like there is never a slow time anymore. Disney has found a way to cover any quiet times, whether its with a dining plan offer or a special discount for overseas customers . Oh well, we love disney and will always keep going.

  13. Was there last week for Jersey Week and it was crazy busy. Not sure of other factors this year but it was definitely not light. I wish I had been able to go on rides multiple times but no such luck. It was still fun but would probably go a different week next time.

  14. We are from NJ and go every year during Jersey week because then our children don’t miss too many days of school. Please no one go during this week. It is awful! Just kidding! 😉 The two days off are always during the first FULL week of November (someone mentioned above it was the 1st or 2nd week). The downside is if the two days off fall within the 1st week, we will likely miss MVMCP, which typically starts about a week after MNSSHP. Also, I’ve been told CT schools have off those same two days- anyone from CT that can comment on whether or not that is correct?

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