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Dad’s 100 Day Disney World Blah’s Challenge

Today, as I write this, it is 100 days, 22 hours + until Dad and Mrs. Mom jump on the jet plane on our way to Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Disney Palooza 2012. ONE HUNDRED DAYS. That sound like a long time but with burnout problem he’s been experiencing. It will be time to pack before Dad knows it.

So, it’s time to get over this problem Dad’s been having. Monday we dentified the problem. Yesterday, we talked about some solutions. So what comes next? How about a Challenge? I think it’s time to get this Palooza thing back on track (including the Healthy Habits thing) and have some fun doing it. Wanna come along?

A Cobb Salad from Hollywood Brown Derby

A salad diet? You gotta be kidding – Cobb Salad from Brown Derby – Thanks Elizabeth

So, just what do you mean by a Challenge, Dad? 

Glad you asked. Last weekend, I was sitting at my computer minding my own business when my email program chimed at me telling me I had an email. I just love it when I get email. When and email comes, I immediately open it to see what Magic has come my way. (Unfortunately most emails are worthless spam, but I still get a tingly feeling when that chime goes off).

On a side note – this might explain why “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favorite movies of all times. No, Mrs. Mom, it has nothing to do with Meg Ryan. Better get back to this challenge thing before I get in any more trouble.

When the chime went off this weekend it was for a sweetly Magical email from Auntie Daisey challenging me to start getting ready for the Palooza. She said it was time to get healthy, to get prepared, to just get ready for our trip. (Yes, she is going to meet us during the Palooza. Whoooooo Hooooooo!)

I was a bit taken aback by the part of the challenge Auntie proposed. it was almost cruel. What do you mean, I need to cut down on the number of Diet Dr. Pepper’s I drink every day? Who says 7 per day is too many? Come on Auntie get real. I can cut down any time I want to. It’s not big deal. I can stop anytime.

No, that was not the only thing in her challenge. It was only 1 of about 10  items, but it was the one that caught my eye. (I don’t understand why.)

Oh, the ADD has kicked in today.

OK, the Challenge. Way back when we started Healthy Habits Saturdays, we talked about some goals we wanted to accomplish before we left on our trip. Dad’s goals were to lose 20 pounds and to be walking 3 miles per day before we left Oklahoma. Here we are 100 days from departure and Dad has fallen off the wagon. Maybe Dad has lost a couple of pounds. About 3 days per week, Dad has been walking at least 100 steps (not quite 3 miles).

It’s just over 3 months until the Palooza. Now is the time to get serious. We don’t want to arrive at Disney World and not be able to enjoy it because we aren’t in shape. (And believe me, Dad is not in shape.)

So here is Dad’s Challenge to himself  –

  • Weight Loss – lose 20 pounds from my January 1 weight. (I’m actually at 7 pounds right now.)
  • Exercise – this is the biggie. It’s about a bazillion degrees in Oklahoma and it’s hard to find a time to do outside exercise and live through it. So, what I’m going to do for the next few weeks is …
    • Park a little farther from the door
    • Stretch muscles several times per day
    • Walk around for 10 minutes in the house or office 5 or more times per day
    • Jump on the Nordic Track a couple of times per week (I could get up at 4:30 every morning and walk, but who wants to get up at 4:30 every morning?)
  • Drink some water and cut down on the Diet Dr. Pepper. This is the toughie. Like I said earlier, I’m pretty much addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper (DDP). But, I can change that. Starting Monday (yes 2 days ago) I’ve cut out at least one DDP per day and I’ve added 2 – 16 oz. bottles of water per day.
  • Eat a bit healthier. (No I’m not talking about going overboard and getting wheat buns on the hot dogs.) Just small practical things. Cut down a bit on portions. Cut out one milkshake each week. No candy bars at lunch. Simple easy things.
  • Sing and dance – Auntie suggested to sing and dance a bit every day. It’s not a bad idea. Singing is not a problem for Dad but dancing? Anyway, Dad’s gonna sing and dance? a bit every day. This is gonna be fun.
  • Hug Mrs. Mom at least once every day.
  • Of course, spend more time writing about the Palooza getting back on track with our planning. (You won’t want to miss a minute of this.Come on and sing with me …

Sing. Sing a Song,
Sing out loud.
Sing out strong.
Sing of good things not bad.
Sing of happy not sad

(A little ditty from one of my favorite singers, Karen Carpenter.) (We sing so good.)

Auntie has some great ideas and is participating in her own Challenge. It’s time for Dad to get ready for our big trip. It’s time for Dad to get up off his lazy you know what and start getting himself in shape. Who’s gonna join Dad and Auntie?

We’ll start keeping score on our Healthy Habits Saturdays. Why not join us?

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