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Dad’s 5 Favorite Rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

by Dad
(The Office)

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Time for my five favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom. I love Animal Kingdom. I love the park, but when it comes to attractions at Animal Kingdom, it is really hard to pick five, but I’ll give it a shot.

Dad’s Animal Kingdom page

Kilimanjaro Safari

A mom and baby elephant playing on Kilimanjaro Safari

When the elephants get playful it’s really cool – Photo by Judd Helms

Number one, my favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom? Kilimanjaro Safari. It’s one of the first things we do every time we go. We go directly to the safari. I can ride around on that thing all day long. It’s just my favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom.

Dad’s Kilimanjaro Safari page

Maharajah Jungle Trek

A new baby tiger on Maharajah Jungle Trek

The new baby tigers are so cute! – Photo by Stephanie Shuster

Number two on my list is Maharajah Jungle Trek. Yes, the thing over where they got the tigers and the bats. Tigers and bats. How does it get any cooler than that? I think there’s spiders over there, too. The spiders might be on the other one, but tigers and bats. I enjoy walking through those walkthrough exhibits, where you’ve got all the different animals. So, Maharajah Jungle Trek is my number two of my favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom.

Dad’s Maharajah Jungle Trek page

Flights of Wonder

A Cast Member holding a bald eagle at Flights of Wonder

The birds are spectacular – Photo by Judd Helms

Next comes number three: Flights of Wonder. No, not Flight of Passage, but Flights of Wonder. I love the bird show. It’s one of the things we do every trip. I don’t think there’s ever been a trip we haven’t done Flights of Wonder. Even though I’ve seen it over and over. I know Guano Bob, Guano Jane. One of them’s going to come up. It’s fake and silly, but I just love the birds in action, love watching the birds in action.

Dad’s Flights of Wonder page

Expedition Everest

The entrance to Expedition Everest

I like Expedition Everest – Photo by Wayne Wood

That was three. So, now we’ve got number four. We got Expedition Everest. Expedition Everest. Here we go. We’re going on a ride. We’re going up, and then we’re going to come down backwards.

First time Mrs. Mom and I rode that together … Mrs. Mom just screaming and yelling. She’s grabs my arm. I mean, she left marks. Then, she’s yelling, “I don’t ever want to ride this …” We get off the ride. She says, “Can we go again?” It’s just that kind of ride. It’s one of those, “I don’t like this, but I like this.” The car-wreck type of rides. “I got to do it again,” but Expedition Everest is one of my favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom.

Dad’s Expedition Everest page

My number 5 favorite Animal Kingdom attraction is ??????

Now, for the fifth one. The fifth one, I’ve gone back and forth. AvatarLand? I’m going to have to do some more … I’m going to have to go to those attractions. I would love to say that Flight of Passage would be my favorite because it’s just an incredible, incredible attraction. It is really spectacular, but the problem is I can’t keep my eyes open because it makes me sick because of my motion sickness. Now, maybe if I get a patch or if I take a pill or something like that, I’ll be able to do Flight of Passage, but I just can’t do it. That kind of makes it hard for me to write that as one of my favorites.

I enjoy the Na’vi River Journey, but I didn’t quite get the story out of the Na’vi River Journey. So, that one I can’t put on there.

There’s Dinosaur, or Kali River Rapids, I don’t ever ride Kali River Rapids. Don’t want to get my feet wet. That’s just me. It’s just me. I know some people just love it, but it’s just me. I don’t do those things.

So, what is the fifth one? Of the shows, I love the singing in the shows. Finding Nemo – The Musical. The Nemo person is just really, really good, but this time, when we went, there was some new people singing some of the parts and I didn’t think they were quite as strong.

It’s Tough to be a Bug

The Tree of Life is home to It's Tough to be a Bug!

The Tree of Life is home to a lot of bugs – Photo by Judd Helms

So, what’s my favorite? Let’s go with It’s Tough to be a Bug!. That’s pretty cool. The 3D glasses, the little butterfly that starts it off. I like to 3D stuff. So, let’s go with It’s Tough to be a Bug! as my fifth attraction. That’s my fifth favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom.

What are your favorite Animal Kingdom attractions

So, what do you like at Animal Kingdom? What are your five favorites? “Dad, you’re all wet,” but what do you like at Animal Kingdom? Put it down in the comments below.


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