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Dad’s Dream


The Rotunda

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It’s all Mrs. Mom’s fault.

I must confess, I have a secret lust, a hidden, clandestine, disguised, private, undisclosed hunger for …

My dream in life is to be part of the Voices of Liberty. I have been saying sing with them, but I can do that (and frequently do) anytime I visit The American Adventure.

It all started on our second visit to Walt Disney World. It was the summer of 1986. We ditched The Princess with the grandparents and flew off to Disney World. It was our first visit to EPCOT.

By the time we got back to The American Adventure, I was pretty bored. (Yes, I bore easily.) I needed a something to wake me up. When we started to walk into the building, I stopped. Hey, I said, this looks like another boring patriotic movie. I don’t think I can stand another boring movie. (Especially one of those surround movies, they make my head spin.)

Mrs. Mom insisted (she loves historical things). She said something about a singing group so I reluctantly went along. After a few minutes, a group of people came out. The were dressed in old time clothes. I was ready to bolt. I wasn’t going to sit through some boring history lecture before some boring movie.

Then it happened …

They started singing …

It was love at first note. Yes, my dream began that day. From that time, every time we visit, it gets worse. The Candlelight Processional really brings it out. I can’t wait until the day that I get to put on one of those old time costumes and sing with the Voices of Liberty.

I’d die happy. So some day if I disappear from the face of the earth, and you happen to visit the American Adventure and see an slightly overweight old man, smiling from ear to ear, belting out a beautiful tenor, stop by and say hello. It will probably be me.

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