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Welcome to Dad's Family

Aloha! I'd like to introduce you to Dad's Family. I love the tradition at 'Ohana where everyone who comes in is part of the family. So, welcome to the family, cousin. Let me introduce you to some of Dad's honored relatives.

The first family

First I have to talk about the family that Dad lives with every day. From time to time they will pop up in Dad writings. Usually when Dad talks about the family he's trying to make a point.

First, I want to introduce you to Mrs. Mom. Mrs. Mom and Dad have been married for over 30 years.

The Princess is our first child.

Her Prince Charming

The Man-Child

And his Belle

The adoptees

Dad has adopted a few friends into the fold.


Aunt Tina

The extended family

Cousin Trey - Trey Duling is the first brilliant businessman that recognized the importance of partnering with Dad. Trey owns Orlando Vacations which specializes in hotels and rental property around Walt Disney World.

Cousin Len - Len Testa is a big wig when it comes to Walt Disney World. Len is President and Chief Researcher of Cousin Len is a big part of the Unoffical Guide to Walt Disney World team.

Aunt Amanda - Amanda Sykora is the owner of Pixie and Pirate Destinations. Destinations to Travel is Dad's choice for booking Disney World vacations.

Dad's Bottom Line

Dad is always looking for friends to join the family.


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