Dad’s Nine By Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge – The Introduction

Dad’s Nine By Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge – The Introduction

by Dad
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What is Dad's Nine By Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge? Good question.

In December 2010, the New York Times had a story that said that “according to Disney research, the average Magic Kingdom visitor has had time for only nine rides – out of more than 40 – because of lengthy waits and crowded walkways and restaurants”. See the full story here.

Big Crowds at the Magic Kingdom

Nine by Noon might be a challenge with these crowds - Photo by Andy Sanchez

Nine rides? Just nine rides? I think we could do nine rides on Christmas Day! (Now that would be a challenge.)

While I agree with a lot of the story, I vehemently disagree with the reason people only complete one fourth of the rides in the park. The story says, guests only complete 9 rides because of the long lines and busy restaurants. Bunk. That’s just crazy talk.

In Dad’s experience, the reason most people only see nine rides at the Magic Kingdom in a day is because of poor or no planning. Yes, lines are long and restaurants are busy (if you arrive at noon, if try to go to Cinderella’s Royal Table without an Advanced Dining Reservation, if you try to ride the Mountains without a FASTPASS) but with a little preparation and thought any family should be able to accomplish more than 9 rides.

So, Dad what’s this Nine By Noon Thing?

When I first read the New York Times story, my immediate reaction was, I can do nine rides at the Magic Kingdom by noon. (I think I actually said breakfast, but that’s pushing it a bit.) Yes, nine by noon! Come on Mrs. Mom, we can do this.

Dad is introducing the Nine By Noon Challenge, and Dad is going to be the first to play. On Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Disney Palooza 2012, we will be going to the Magic Kingdom on our first day and we will finish 9 rides by noon. Yes, we will. Dad has a plan. (You can see Dad’s Magic Kingdom Plan here.)

Over the next couple of months, Dad will be working out the details of a contest where you can participate in the Nine By Noon Challenge and maybe win a prize. Be thinking about how you would complete nine rides at the Magic Kingdom by noon. In a couple of weeks (or months) Dad will reveal the details of how this will all work. It will be fun. Trust me.

Here’s the first step. Go over to Dad’s Nine By Noon Challenge page and enter. It’s Simple and it will be Fun. Trust me!

Dad’s Nine by Noon Challenge page



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