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Dad’s Picks: The Best Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

by Dad
(The Office)

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Last week it was Quick Service Restaurants, so this week we are going to look at the Best Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World that are one credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

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***Disclaimer: I can only rate the restaurants I’ve tried. Over the last few years, Mrs. Mom and I have gravitated toward Quick Service Restaurants so I haven’t tried a lot of Table Service Restaurants except for breakfast. So if your favorite isn’t on this list, it may be that I haven’t tried it yet.

So how many Table Service Restaurants are there at Walt Disney World? Good question. I counted 78, but with the sneaky 2 credit restaurants (we’ll talk about those next week) that aren’t Signature Dining makes it a little hard to count. But I’m close.

What is Table Service

For our purposes today we’ll go with the Disney definition of Table Service (modified). A Table Service restaurant is where you sit down at a table and place your order with a server and your food is delivered to your table that is only one credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Enough of that, let’s dive right in…

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

#10 – Olivia’s Cafe

Olivia's Cafe

The BEST. OMELET. EVER. according to Mrs. Mom – Photo by Laurie Sapp

This one may seem a little out of place. It’s not one that makes a lot of lists because it’s a little off the beaten path over at the Old Key West Resort. Mrs. Mom found her favorite omelet at Walt Disney World at Olivia’s Cafe. That’s high praise. Mrs. Mom is an omelet aficionado.

#9 – Grand Floridian Cafe

Another hidden gem. I’ve had both breakfast and dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe and was pleasantly surprised at both meals. It’s a great value, good food and good service. Oh, and not as snooty as the rest of the Grand Floridian.

#8 – Liberty Tree Tavern

If you want a Thanksgiving Feast, Liberty Tree Tavern is the place to go. Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating and enjoying way too much to eat, and Liberty Tree Tavern does Thanksgiving right. Turkey, stuffing, Prime Rib, pork and veggies in never ending quantities. YUMMY! And any meal that ends with Bread Pudding is just fine with me! This is one on our list to try again and again, and again…

#7 – Teppan Edo

A Mickey Head on the grill at Teppan Edo

Now that’s the way to start a dinner – Photo by Cliff Wang

For years, Teppan Edo has been one of our favorite Table Service Meals at Walt Disney World. We like going to teppan style restaurants. In fact we went to one just this week to celebrate Mrs. Mom’s birthday. I will say that Teppan Edo has slipped down the rankings over the last few years. In the past it would have been ranked number 2, but the quality and menu has slipped some recently but it’s still a nice meal.

#6 – Coral Reef Restaurant

Surprise! It surprised me. Yes, the Coral Reef. For years, I bashed the Coral Reef. Bad food, bad service, just bad except for the atmosphere. The Man-Child loves the fishies. A couple of years ago we gave it a try so The Man-Child could have his fishie time. It was GREAT. Tony the Tiger Great. Good food. Great service. Nothing to complain about now.

#5 – Sci Fi Dine In

The Sci Fi Dine in is just cool

Doesn’t that look cool? – Photo by Brett Svenson

Sci Fi Dine In is not a fine dining establishment. Basically it’s an upscale hamburger joint. But oh, the scenery. Si Fi Dine In is one of the best Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World because of it’s theming. It’s so COOL! The movie clips are corny, the drive in movie theme is glitzy, but it works. We love going to Sci Fi Dine In. (Notice I didn’t say eating at Sci Fi Dine in, just going to it.)

#4 – Biergarten

Speaking of atmosphere, come have some good old German fun and some decent food. The Biergarten is pretty unique when it comes to Walt Disney World restaurants. Not only is it pretty good German food, but it’s set up where you will probably be seated with someone you don’t know. The Biergarten is all about having a good time with your new friends as you celebrate with an oompah band, singing and dancing. Fun for all ages.

#3 – Cape May Cafe

Do you like seafood. No not see food, seafood. Like shrimpies, crab legs, mussels… that kind of seafood? Then Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club Resort is the place for you. It’s a buffet featuring sea food with other options like carved beef, chicken and more. Cape May Cafe is good. I’ve eaten there twice and had a great experience both times. My mouth is watering just thinking about the shrimp and crab legs. Hey Mrs. Mom, time for another trip.

#2 – Via Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria

Via Napoli entrance

Come on in – Photo by Cliff Wang

Here’s a new contender. Via Napoli. It just jumped on the list recently. Via Napoli is an authentic Italian pizza joint. They even import the water they use to make the pizzas from Napoli in Italy. It’s really good pizza and the salad will make you want to come back (Dad saying something good about salad is pretty rare.) Oh and don’t forget the Zeppole’s. Yummy especially dipped in the chocolate!

#1 – ‘Ohana

The Bread Pudding at 'Ohana

And to top it all off… – Photo by Brett Svenson

No surprise here. I talk about ‘Ohana all the time. What can I say. I’m a midwestern carnivore. I like meat and a place where they bring me copious amounts of meat grilled on sticks is right up my alley. I think they serve pretty good green stuff too, but I’m all about that meat.

Oh let’s sing…

“I’m all about that meat, ’bout that meat, no salad”
“I’m all about that meat, ’bout that meat, no salad”
“I’m all about that meat, ’bout that meat, no salad”

Sorry Meghan. But boy does Dad sing good.

Back to ‘Ohana. Let’s not forget the bread pudding. I could eat 2 or 3 of those things by myself. ‘Ohana is always the first place we make ADR’s for when we are planning a WDW trip. It is our favorite Table Service Restaurant at Walt Disney World. Hence the number 1 ranking. Funny how that works.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s it. Dad’s Picks for the top Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World. Now aren’t you hungry?


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