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Dad’s random thoughts on having a car at Disney World

As I was thinking about todays post for the Perfect WDW Vacation, I had a whole bunch of random thoughts about having a car at Walt Disney World that I just had to share. Here they are in no particular order …

The Parking Lot Symphony

One of our least favorite times of the day is park closing time or right after the fireworks show ends. Why, because it’s time to go home, silly. We hate leaving the parks.

One of the most interesting things about going home time is the Parking Lot Symphony. I’m sure you’ve heard it. It’s that time of night when everyone is looking for where they parked, and hitting the emergency button on their car keys. Sometimes in unison or cadence thousands of cars start honking. It’s a mind blowing experience.

Love the smell of …

Dad has a unique sense of smell. Yep, there are certain things that Dad can smell 100 miles away. One of my favorite smells is the smell of propane burning in the morning. You know, that smell the tram makes as it pulls up to take you to your park of the day.  I love that smell.

The Parking Lot at EPCOT

Just where did I park? Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Did you loose something?

On one trip we got into EPCOT and it was determined that we left something very important back at the hotel (the Pop Century). We flipped a coin (actually I think I volunteered because the kids were headed for Mission Space and I couldn’t stand that embarrassment again) and Dad ended up heading back to the hotel for whatever it was we left behind. (I think it was something of Dad’s but I can’t remember now.)

We had driven our rental car so being a car loving mid-westerner, I decided I that jumping in the car to go back to the hotel would be faster than waiting for a bus. It really was the right choice, except …

I couldn’t find the car. It wasn’t where I left it. I tried the Parking Lot Symphony button and nothing. I looked high. I looked low. I looked left. I looked right. No, I  didn’t make note of the row we parked in. Who does that? I’m a man. I can always find where I parked my car. Somebody must have moved it. I remember we parked right next to the isle. We didn’t walk very far to the tram.

OK, I guess I’ll have to widen the search. Finally after about 30 minutes, I got far enough out and found it. About 100 cars farther out than I thought it was. It seemed like a shorter walk than that.

So I guess the moral of this story is, be very careful to WRITE DOWN the row and section where you park your car. Yes, guys, write it down. If you get on the right row, you’ll find the car eventually. (It might save you some embarrassment.)

Testing one, two, three

One of the things Dad likes to do when traveling is test cars I’m thinking about buying. Like my recent trip to Alaska. I rented a Dodge I dunno what it was (I can’t find a picture of it on anymore). It was a box on wheels. It looked kinda cool, but it wasn’t built for a full-sized human being. Dad is kinda odd shaped, but most big cars fit pretty good. Not this one. It was very uncomfortable in all the wrong places. Won’t be picking one of those ever again.

But it is fun to try out some of the new cars even if they don’t fit.

“We went last year and didn’t have a car,

We don’t need a car at Disney World”. The whole family was going to Walt Disney World. All 15 of us, and Mrs. Mom’s middle sister was pitching a fit (sometimes people just have to pitch a fit). Her family had just been to Disney World and there was no way the whole bunch of us needed a car. The buses were just fine (which shocked all of us coming from her because she’s sometimes the snooty one.)

So we didn’t rent cars at Disney World. This was before Magical Express so we had to find a way to get all 15 of us from the airport to the hotel (the Polynesian). That was fun. (Dad’s first limo ride.)

So, after 8 days at Disney World without a car, what was the verdict? After that trip Mrs. Mom and Dad both vowed never to be without a car at Disney World again. And we were staying in the Polynesian Resort. The best hotel at Disney World for transportation to the parks.

Mrs. Mom’s sister was wrong.

OK, that’s enough. Those are my random thoughts that jumped into my head today about having a car at Disney World.

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  1. Don’t forget that if we had a car when all 15 of us went, that brother-in-law #2 would have saved a bunch of money when he got sick and he had to call the WDW concierge doctor instead of going to a doc-in-the box. I seem to remember that “room call” cost him around $300 not including the medicine.

  2. Get techno Dad, take a photo of the car location with your phone. Instant recall and you can also remember what color the rental car is.

  3. It would be nice if the private vehicle parking situation at the parks could change for families with large vehicles. I have a conversion van and my son has a pick up truck. I was there with my family and parked in the parking lots. When the attendants parked us in the row, our vehicles were sticking out into the thru lane or the vehicle behind us were right on our number so I could not get into the back of our van. Also, the parking lanes are to narrow for large vehicles.

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