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Dad’s Rant – Alcohol comes to the Magic Kingdom – Walt’s not happy


by Dad
(The Office)


The rumors are becoming too loud to ignore. It looks like very soon, maybe as soon as next week alcohol is coming to the Magic Kingdom in a big way. Yes, it’s been available at Be Our Guest for a while now, but now Disney is going to offer alcohol at all the Table Service restaurants.


Walt’s not happy.


Alcohol comes to Skipper Canteen

Alcohol is coming to Skipper Canteen – Photo by Judd Helms


The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that starting on December 23rd, Disney will start serving alcohol in all the Table Service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. That’s Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Skipper Canteen, Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree Tavern.


This is not right. Yes, I said it. It’s not right! Walt is not happy!


Yes, I know people drink alcohol. Yes, I know it’s in all the other parks and in all the hotels, and for the most part no one really has a problem, but not the Magic Kingdom! It was annoying when alcohol came to Be Our Guest, but this…


Walt was ADAMANT about serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom. It was not going to happen. PERIOD. Walt is not happy. Can’t we hold to some traditions? Can’t we draw a line somewhere?


Let’s see, alcohol at Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, yeah, that’s a place to serve alcohol. Not. Come on. Get a grip Disney. Winnie the Pooh shouldn’t be tied to alcoholic beverages. They just don’t mix. (Yes, I know the Crystal Palace is not in the article, but from what I heard that’s where the training started.)


Tony’s Town Square is an Italian restaurant and lots of wine is usually served at Italian restaurants, so maybe, but why? Tony’s has been dry for let’s see, October 1, 1971 until December 23, 2016, that’s 16,520 days. SIXTEEN THOUSAND DAYS! Why now?


And really, do we need to put alcohol in Cinderella’s Royal Table? What’s up with that? Can’t we keep the feeling of wholesomeness in the very symbol that is guarded by none other than Walt Disney himself? What would be the problem with that. Walt didn’t want this.


Yeah, I know. This is more of Disney’s money grubbing thing. You’d think Disney was in as much trouble as Sea World with all the money grubbing and corner cutting they are doing lately. It’s sad, really sad.


This is a really bad, bad idea if for no other reason than Walt himself was TOTALLY AGAINST it. The Magic Kingdom was dry for over 40 YEARS! This is totally uncalled for! There is no reason for alcohol to come to the Magic Kingdom! It’s just not right! Walt is not happy!


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



Comments for

Dec 10, 2018 Dangerous driving
by: Anonymous Just got back from a long retirement vacation and was left feeling very sadenned by all the alcohol around.- especially EPCOT. Children having to hang around drinking stands with parents. People reeking of alcohol. The drunken rowdy drinkers, not a good example for children to observe. Driving on roads when leaving was horrendous (of course I cannot assume or know how many of these people were drunk apart from the ones observed staggering into their cars. I can say the woman on the electric scooter was intoxicated and a danger to others – she told me. Come on Disney do you need all this money grabbing to the detriment of Walt’s dream of family oriented parks. It’s losi g you your reputation and custo ers.

Oct 26, 2018 alcohol being served in Disney Land and Disney World is wrong
by: Anonymous The very thought of alcohol being served in Disney Land and Disney World is wrong. It is suppose to be a family fun and family safe place the principle both parks were founded on.Serving alcohol in the parks is also disrespecting Walt Disney after his death. It would of been ok if it was allowed but restricted to certain areas but last time I went to Disney Land and alcohol serving is way to rampant throughout the park. It is no longer family fun and family safe place.

You see alcohol everywhere. From what I have seen I saw far less people drinking in Universal Studios (1:100)than compared to Disney Land (40:100). Because of this I felt more comfortable in Universal than in Disney Land.

Disney should really revise their alcohol policy or otherwise it will really hit their visitor numbers especially from the people who are responsible and have old fashioned family values. These are the families who come almost every year and Disney makes the most money off of. Disney should really think about this.

Is alcohol business in the parks worth it just for people who come daily and pay less than half rate for numerous visits to the park with all the troubles it comes with and the uncomfortable environment for family value people?

In reality they are local and don’t really provide any indirect advertisement for the parks unlike people who come from far away across the US or internationally.

Sep 20, 2018 Dude’s Dead
by: Anonymous Walt’s dead and he was hardly a saint when he was alive. A lot of his work was racist AF and continues to have a place in the Magic Kingdom. It took them ages to have a black protagonist and when they finally made it happen, she spent half her film as a frog. People knocking back a drink or two is hardly the company’s biggest worry. He was a businessman and probably wouldn’t have objected to this if he was still running the place and he thought it was a good business decision. Times have changed and this is the only company where people seem to think that the long-dead founder should still have a say in what happens. I have an annual pass to DLP where they’ve sold alcohol in the restaurants for ages. Now they’re selling beer at the kiosks. It’s fine. The stuff costs a fortune at theme park prices. People aren’t using Disney as destination to get trashed. Find something important to worry about.

Jun 07, 2018 Alcohol in Parks
by: Anonymous Look at all the lives and family booze has destroyed and I have run into many in the parks and some people still think they need booze in there lives…intelligent???Jack

May 17, 2018 2018 even more alcohol everywhere
by: Anonymous its out of control Disney Springs is nothing more than a mall and bars the Disney Magic has certainly been lost there. Everywhere we read or go there is alcohol and booze being pushed at the parks. It’s a little over done to say the least.

May 10, 2018 He said it.
by: Deb Um yea, i have. I saw a woman in a jazzy once zipping at the highest speed her electric vehilce could go laughing and shreaking with delight around the world showcase almost hitting a child and 2 adults… your nuts if you think people are going to behave.And to the “millenial” above, Walt did not build the parks during prohibition…alcohol was not “tabu” and he liked his scotch mist just fine. He felt that time with family and your children should be buzz enough.

He had a clear opinion on this and i was not a sign of the times but good sense. So to the person above who said, “how do you know what Walt would think?”And I agree….the answer is because he said it from his own mouth. It wasn’t cave man days… human nature is the same now as it was then…

Sep 04, 2017 THIS STINKS

Sep 04, 2017 Different times call for different measures.
by: Anonymous I think the big difference here is that my generation (Y2K) and millennials do not see drinking alcohol as some moral imperative. We just don’t. One can be a family and drink a glass of wine or beer at dinner. Having alcohol does not make you less of a parent or fully engaged in the experience. Walt operated this original directive in a time when it was more taboo. Alcohol has since ingrained itself in our society, in some ways, as a byproduct of food culture. As you add more fine dining experiences at MK, so too comes the alcohol to complete and compliment the meal for a full effect. Just my two cents here. Love your website and all the helpful tips!!!

Sep 02, 2017 Time to give it a rest
by: Anonymous I see the over-reacters have found this story again.

Sep 02, 2017 The point of being denied service?
by: Anonymous Pose this question..
What happens when an individual has had a little TOO MUCH..and the restaurant refuses to serve another drink to this individual? Do they remove that person from the parks? If the person gets angry do they get banned from Disney?
It’s easy to say that times have changed..but people haven’t. One person’s limit is another person’s excess. I guess we’ll see what happens to the first person that takes advantage of the new program and get arrogant because they cross the line and DEMAND to be served more.
It’s just a matter of time. We see it in restaurants now. Can you see the children’s faces when an aduly gets removed from Disney in handcuffs? Now that’s a fun vacation to remember!

Sep 01, 2017 Agree
by: Karen B The Magic Kingdom is the Happiest Place on Earth. For kids and for all of us to just enjoy being a kid and letting adults be like kids again. Don’t need alcohol there. Let EPCOT have it.

Sep 01, 2017 Alcohol comes to the Magic Kingdom
by: AC Walker Forget Walt, forget the magic for all ages, forget it is suppose to be the happiest place on earth. It’s all about the BUCKS, the BOTTOM LINE! It’s been like that for a long time now. That’s the way the big wigs see it.

Aug 31, 2017 Dad’s rant …
by: Mimi Schumacher Could not have said it better myself ! Who are these low life’s who make these ignorant decisions ??? Young new comers to Team Disney who want to make their mark ? If you need booze to enjoy your dinner with your kids,it’s time for a professional consultation.There is something seriously wrong with you.

Aug 31, 2017 Come on folks!
by: mickeymouseandme I am with you. Walt would be rolling in his grave. There has to be a cut off somewhere and Magic Kingdom should have Loren left pure.

Jul 24, 2017 Heck yeah
by: Anonymous Alcohol in the magic kingdom? Embrace it. Alcohols great !!! Were all gonna die one day anyways and be forgotten by everyone who ever knew us anyway, so why should we care?

Jul 24, 2017 Come on, Really
by: Janice OK, I don’t see what the big deal is and I don’t even drink. Just because there is alcohol, doesn’t mean it is going to turn into a park of drunks. I know Walt was against it back in the day, but lets all admit, times are nothing like they were when Walt was alive. 

Jul 24, 2017 its just a drink
by: Sheri It is a drink or 2 in a controlled environment. The servers know they risk their jobs should they over serve so that is not going to happen. Most people who drink know the effect of heat and alcohol so are going to be careful anyway and you have seen what WDW charges for a soda so a mixed drink is not going to be cheap(I mean who wants to pay those prices and then leave early). As for the not drinking in front of your children, how will they know unless you are making a big deal out of it. Just because it looks fancy doesn’t mean it has alcohol in it. Would I choose to have a drink when there with my grandchildren, probably not. But when my husband and I go on our own then yes. There are more disturbance created by children not being parented then if a person had a drink or 2 with a meal.

Jul 24, 2017 Disappointed
by: Anonymous I must say that I am very disappointed at the choice to serve alcohol at magic kingdom. This is supposed to be where families gather to get her to enjoy the day and atmosphere. I am not looking forward to the abnoxious drinker who acts ridiculous and is making a fool of himself. Disney is about fun, but alcohol induced “fun”, is really not what I want to be around or have my family around.

Jul 24, 2017 Be a responsible adult and take care of your family!
by: The Red Pirate Yeah, it’s about time! Be an adult and be a parent!!! The alcohol is only available in the sit down restaurants! 

Jul 23, 2017 Lighten up Francis
by: DM You have no idea what Walt would want to do in the parks today. He was first and foremost a business man and if customers want to have a drink with their meal, that’s what he would probably provide.

Jul 23, 2017 Alcohol in the parks
by: Jim N I think the writing was on the wall when Disney announced the 2018 dining plans all included an alcoholic beverage if served at the restaurant as an option. Honestly I’m not surprised to see it happen. Am I happy, no. To be honest I was not thrilled to see the price increase on dining plans and then to see it now includes alcohol…. Why? Like some others have said, you can wait to get back to your hotel to have a drink.

Jul 23, 2017 More whining my about the wine.
by: Anonymous I totally agree with you. What happened to the wholesomeness of Disney. And while we are ranting let me add that I hate the fact that so many more days have been added to the Food and wine festival at EPCOT. We were there this week and they were already putting up the booths…in JULY!! Come on. No mor family parks. Just more and more money grubbing. 😩

Jan 15, 2017 Why?
by: Jim Enjoy a beer as much as the next guy, but Disney is about the kids. All of us should be able to do without a beer until we get back to the motel.
Have been to Disney ten or more times and this is just not in the Disney spirit, which is as important to Disney as anything else.

Dec 29, 2016 Disney Goes Where The Money Is
by: Jackie Disney constantly researches and constantly makes changes with the times. They are doing this now more than ever! Look at the admission prices! Disney has to back up these prices with what the public wants and does. Alcohol is what people want! They will probably need bouncers to politely kick a few people out, but who can afford to get that drunk with Disney prices? Let’s not completely loose our heads. I was shocked at first when I heard, but it’s a brilliant business move.

Dec 28, 2016 Alcohol at Magic Kindom
by: Sandy We’re old school….no need for alcohol at Magic Kingdom!

Dec 27, 2016 Conflicted
by: Jake in Cinci One of my favorite parts about going to Disney is they have award wining cocktail, food and wine programs. I am in the bar business and I go to WDW to recharge my creative batteries and get the kind of service I try to give everyday.Even being in “the industry” this announcement raised my eye brow. I agree that Walt had a point about no alcohol in MK, and I hope it’s not a slippery slope to beer carts on Main Street, but I do find the idea of the restaurants theming their menus and beverage programs exciting.

I know that Disney trains their staff in the dangers of over severing, like we all do in the industry, so I am assuming they will be on their game . I am going in 26 days, so I will be anxious to see if this changes the feel of the park.

Dec 27, 2016 Hockey fights at WDW
by: Anonymous The lines are long WDW without alcohol present to make people short tempered. If fighting becomes an issue then I’m out of the DVC business.

Dec 23, 2016 Give an inch
by: Anonymous The first day alcohol was served in MK was the first day on the slippery slope downwards. Now it’s creeping in a at a few table service restaurants, next in quick service then kiosks. While it would be good to think a drink won’t make any difference, one drunk person on the streets of MK would destroy the magic of Disney,and who want’s to expose their children to that!MK has done very well over the years without a drop of the grog, introducing it will not greatly impact it on crowds, gate prices and hotel prices do, and a decrease on prices would enable more people to experience the Disney experience that Walt wanted. A previous writer said Walt drank, but he didn’t want it in the park.There was a reason for this, It’s a children’s fantasy, which we as adults buy into for a few hours. We shouldn’t change it to more what we as adults might like, but keep the innocent childhood we indulge in with our children in MK, which we remove from our children’s lives every day out here in the real world.

Dec 23, 2016 The bottom line
by: VeroMikes This is all about money.Disney just wants to keep people in their park instead of going off property to spend money,pretty simple.We live in a different world than the 1950’s.I do wish the alcohol ban was still in the Magic kingdom,times have changed( for the worse)

Dec 19, 2016 alcohol in Magic Kingdom
by: claire I agree no alcohol, Walt wanted it to be a family park.
I hate the fact in epcot people walking around with drinks
that is what will eventually happen in the Magic Kingdom.
If you want a drink stop and have one why must they walk aroung drinking. Not a good example for the children.

Dec 18, 2016 Point of dissent
by: TikiRoomDrummer Hope this doesn’t get deleted like all the other dissenting views.Walt is dead. Unless you have some sort of psychic capability to commune with the dead, you don’t know what he would think or feel. Walt was a drinker and smoked. He was also a ruthless and savvy businessman. If the numbers and feedback pointed to guests wanting a glass of wine with their dinner or to be able to pop some champagne after proposing in front of the castle, I’d like to think he’d be flexible.

After all, disney himself said the parks would never be completed. To keep moving forward.

Dec 18, 2016 Disappointed
by: Derick I agree with you Dad, even If only for the fact that Uncle Walt was against it. There’s so many other places that you can get alcohol on the WDW property. Seems like another money making idea from the management team, and in their eyes how parks change due to the times. I don’t think this will ruin the experience that people have due to the selling of alcohol at the MK, but Uncle Walt would be disappointed.

Dec 18, 2016 Hurt Disney Fan
by: James I couldn’t agree with you more on this! I have seen many Walt Disney quotes speaking on the fact that as a FAMILY park he did not want or see the need for alcohol. When I went last year, for the first time in a long time, I was saddened to see it so readily available in all of the other parks and went searching for those quotes. I guess I could see the reasoning for Hollywood Studios and EPCOT as they have parts that are certainly aimed more towards adults, but to me the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland were his gifts to families so that children could escape into their imagination free from the blemishes of our outside world. Walt knew that the Disney company was better than this and held the company to a higher standard. It is sad that they can abandon their core principles so easily.

Dec 18, 2016 Think of the children.
by: Daughter of Alcoholic As a child… magic kingdom was the only place our family could go and have a “happy family vacation”.. because my dad couldn’t drink in the park. He was a mean drunk. And I agree… Walt would not be happy!

Dec 18, 2016 It’s WALT Disney world
by: Anonymous I’m sorry but the sign says Walt Disney world His family should put a stop to this It’s one thing he held dear Some people don’t know how to act in the park without alcohol now you are going to add that in! We are annual pass holders who live 30 mins away you will never see a member of my family buy alcohol in the magic kingdom It’s just wrong they want more money !

Dec 18, 2016 NO ALCOHOL in MK
by: Anonymous And now Florida has passed the (medical pot) law, I suppose before long, Disney will allow you to smoke pot in the smoking areas? I have seen the crazies at EPCOT trying to climb the Mexican pavilion, this is going to be a BAD Thing!!!!

Dec 18, 2016 Sorry to hear it.
by: Bob Nordmark I’m really sorry to hear that alcohol will be served in all the table service restaurants. It turns my stomach.

Dec 18, 2016 Alcohol at WDW
by: Anonymous WOW should stay free from alcohol, this is worse than smoking and they were quick enough in limiting smoking to only 2 areas of the park. People can get nasty after a few drinks and I for one would like my child to witness this at WDW.

Dec 18, 2016 Get a life, people
by: Anonymous Come on folks, they’ve been offering adult beverages at Be Our Guest for several years now. Honestly has anyone ever seen staggering drunks roaming Fantasyland because Mom and Dad had a beer or a glass of wine with dinner at that restaurant? It’s not like they are going to set up cocktail lounges where they’re currently selling Dole Whips. It’s an adult beverage with dinner for those people who prefer not to have a soft drink with a meal. Get a grip here, people.And regarding the “This isn’t what Walt wanted” comments let’s think about this a moment. Walt has been gone for 50 years. There’s no second guessing what his current thinking would be regarding this subject unless someone is contacting him on a Ouija board. Club 33 at Disneyland has had liquor available from its inception. Yes, it’s a controlled environment where the average person can’t partake. But still, it’s in a controlled environment. Nobody is going to stumble out of that place like a frat boy on spring break. The servers watch and make sure the patron isn’t overserved. The same happens at Be Our Guest and it most certainly will be the case at these other eating places at the Magic Kingdom. Yeah, if they start serving beer from a cart in the Hub then I think we have concerns. But a beer or two along with a sit down meal isn’t going to cause a raging need for us to “Think of the children”. As I said, get a life people.

Dec 17, 2016 Alcohol WDW!?!?!?!
by: Suzanne Caris There are PLENTY of places for Alcohol at WDW.
I just think the Magic Kingdom should be off limits. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good Sangria with dinner, an occasional Bushwacker at the beach (from NWF). Ohana has some nice cocktails. The Food and Wine Festival is bad enough with “over indulgers”. Not the Magic Kingdom please.

Dec 17, 2016 No booze

Dec 17, 2016 Really
by: Anonymous Is there nothing off the table anymore? I mean this is ridiculous. Can we keep the magic kingdom, magical? Disney better stop allowing millennials who did not grow up in the early years of Disney World to stop messing with a classic. Or the Magic Kingdom will end up in 20 years like the North Pole from Santa Clause 3.

Dec 17, 2016 alcohol in Magic Kingdom
by: Anonymous After witnessing what alcohol around the world has done to EPCOT I am really against all of this going on in the parks. Magic Kingdom is the last straw. Why can’t they just keep it to Disney Springs and I guess around the world for the food and wine festival. I just think there is getting to be more and more alcohol in the parks.

Dec 17, 2016 I agree. MK should be dry.
by: Gill I like beer. I like Disney. But I also was a bouncer for a couple years and I know what alcohol can do to basically good people. In fact the knees I’ve seen where there was trouble at Disney (violence) alcohol was a factor. Ah well…sounds like it’s a done deal.

Dec 17, 2016 Absolutely not!
by: Anonymous This should NOT happen! The Magic Kingdom is the only park that is aimed more for children. And I do believe that Walt is probably rolling in his grave right now. If anything, let’s pay respect to his wishes!

Dec 17, 2016 Sweet Heavens!!
by: Anonymous Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!!

Dec 17, 2016 No to alcholic at MK
by: Anonymous I totally agree! People should be able to go for 1 day without an alcoholic beverage. Magic Kingdom should stay dry!!!

Dec 17, 2016 Stupid Rant
by: Anonymous Seriously, Walt is not happy? How would you know? Are you speaking to him every time you visit Cinderella’s Royal Table? Sounds to me like you need a good stiff drink.

Dec 17, 2016 Dad’s rant
by: Anonymous ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!!

Dec 17, 2016 Come on people!
by: Anonymous I love my bourbon as much as any man alive, but there has to be a line somewhere as to where I do or don’t drink. Disney is, and was always meant to be, a family environment. While some folks can handle their liquor and not make a fool of themselves… Not everyone can. This could prove to be embarrasing for some parents and their children. Why take the risk? Let the parents consume in private, but not in front of someone else’s child.

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