Dad's Rant: Disney is charging for parking at the hotels?

Dad's Rant: Disney is charging for parking at the hotels?

by Dad
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Parking. Yes, Disney introduced parking charges for resort guests, and boy did that ever stir some stuff up, everybody was upset about it. Well, I've just got to say that I didn't have quite the same reaction. It doesn't bother me, and let me tell you why.

When you use a Magical Express bus you don't pay the parking fee

If you want to save money Disney will pick you up for free - Photo by Cliff Wang

First, most major hotel groups are doing this in resort areas, in big cities. I know if you go to the Niagara Falls, it's something like $40 a night to park in Niagara Falls. If you go to New York City, if you go to Boston, if you go to downtown Oklahoma City, in most cities the nice hotels charge for parking. 30, 40 ... $40 is fairly normal.

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So, to park at the value resort is $13 a night, $19 a night for the moderates, and $24 a night for the deluxes...

It's the cost of doing business, and that's the second thing, it doesn't really both me because people that are using the service are the ones that are paying for it. So it only affects the people that drive cars, they're paying for the parking lots, they're paying for the security, they're paying for the extras that go with having a car on site.

Now I know it's always been free, and change is always something we look at and say no, no, no, don't change, don't change. And when something goes from free to pay, it is a little bit of a headache. But, this is one of those... it's something that it's time has come. Universal's been doing it for a long time, I'm surprised Disney hadn't done it already.

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Dad's Bottom Line

The last thing is, and the bottom line is, this is only for people who drive. If you don't drive, if you go, or if you use Magical Express, it doesn't cost you anything. You're not paying the extra fee.

When the prices go up this year, the hotel prices, which could happen any day, when the prices go up this year, my guess is it won't be quite as much as it would've been before they announced this, because if they're doing things the way they should, they should breakout now the parking fees. And keep the price increases balanced because of the parking fees. (Good luck with that.)

So, it really doesn't affect everybody. In fact it's less than 50% of people drive. It's probably way less than 50% of people. So if only affects a few.

I know some of you are upset. I understand, but, you know, a year from now it'll just be a thing, a normal thing.



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Jan 08, 2019
by: Anonymous

Called to book a trip to disneyworld...found out you have to pay to park. I almost backed out it made me so mad. Told the lady this will probably be our last trip to Disneyworld...not that she cares. We went a couple of years ago. I thought it was expensive then but it cost me 1000 more this time than before including the stupid parking fee simply because I don't fly.....I already told my grandson this would be our last trip to disneyworld so he better enjoy it. It is just getting way out of hand. The raising of the cost of tickets motels food and now we have to pay of all things parking at a motel we pay way too much for in the beginning. Guess the rich get richer and we middle income keep saving for years to take a trip to disneyworld....Im through with them after this year.

Jul 31, 2018
No, no, no
by: Anonymous

Charging for parking at a hotel where you're paying to stay is nothing but a money-grab. A shameless money-grab.
Sure, parking is expensive in the big cities you mention in your article, but you're glossing over a big detail: In those cities, space is at a premium, and providing parking is a real cost to those hotels -- not so in Florida, where Disney owns plenty of space and parking isn't really a big cost to them.
So what if it only affects guests who bring cars? Why should anyone be charged for parking a car at a hotel where they've already paid a premium price?
No, no, no, keep parking free for on-site guests.

May 26, 2018
Totally unfair to FL residents
by: Anonymous

So much for Florida residents going to Disney. They just keep pricing us out of the market

Apr 15, 2018
Write Bob Iger
by: Anonymous

I think all that are upset here should pen a real letter to Mr. Iger imploring him that all these fees and ticket hikes etc are breaking the bank.

Just because he makes $34 MILLION a year he is immune to $5-10 here and there but for us regular folks, it is and can be a deal breaker!

What's next the ridiculous "resort fee" you know the fee of $20-30/night for use of using the resort? Isn't booking a room the fee for that too? GREED is NOT Good at WDW!

Apr 12, 2018
Parking charges
by: Trina

Just an opinion, but, although I don’t know about Niagra Falls, I believe that New York, Boston and Oklahoma City have limited space for parking. Therein lies the difference. I don’t think there is any lack of parking spaces or land to build more at WDW. I believe that they already charge a premium price for rooms, services, food, etc. I love WDW, but I think this is very greedy.

Apr 03, 2018
Keeps the cheaters away
by: Anonymous

I have a feeling non resort guests abused this, hopped on the free bus service instead of the parks parking lots that are crowded and confusing. It’s likely because of cheaters.

Apr 02, 2018
by: Rich

Agree completely with Daniel most choose to drive to save money. The parking is already there and security is a key factor for everyone, including cast members. Just because it is done elsewhere is a lame excuse, Walt was totally committed to affordability.

Mar 29, 2018
by: Daniel

Hi Dad! I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with you! For lot’s of families a Disney trip is very expensive and they save up for a long time for it. They sometimes cannot really afford it but they go anti for the kids! That’s also why many drive to Orlando instead of taking the plane, to reduce costs... The parking spaces are humongous and theirs a ton of space. It was one of the rare things that was still free at Disney... They should have left it the way it was. What’s next, charging for using Magical Express and the Disney bus service between the parks and the resorts...

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