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Dad’s Rant: I’m fed up! It’s time for a nighttime parade to come back to the Magic Kingdom!

by Dad
(The Office)

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That’s it. I’ve had it. Six months is long enough. It’s time for Disney to get their act together and put a nighttime parade back in the Magic Kingdom!

The train engine float on the Main Street Electrical Parade

Boy do I miss this – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Can you believe it. It’s already been SIX MONTHS since the last Main Street Electrical Parade. Six months and still no announcement or even RUMOR about a replacement.

That’s just not acceptable.

I think it’s time for Dad to fire off one of my patented letters to Bob Iger. That always works. Lol.

Dear Bob,

Yes it’s me again. It’s been a year since my last note and I thought it was probably time to “chat” again. I noticed that you did listen to me last year with that dreadful after hours thing at the Magic Kingdom, but you couldn’t resist bringing it back this year. How’d that work out?

See, you should listen to me.

Speaking of listening to me, did you know it’s been over 6 months since the Main Street Electrical Parade had it’s last show at Walt Disney World? SIX MONTHS!!!

That’s crazy. Do you remember why the Main Street Electrical Parade got its start? It was because the nighttime fireworks weren’t enough to keep people in the Magic Kingdom at night. More nighttime entertainment was needed.

That was way back in 1972. There’s been a nighttime parade at Walt Disney World almost constantly since 1972. Now there is none and not even any rumors of one coming. That’s not right.

That makes me wonder how long it will be until people stop going to the Magic Kingdom after dark again. Have the restaurants started seeing a decline yet? They will.

And, no, replacing Wishes with something new is not a long term solution.

Oh, something just occurred to me. You are doing this on purpose. You are trying to send nighttime visitors over to Animal Kingdom. Is that it? I know you are all in on this Animal Kingdom after dark thing, but at the expense of the Magic Kingdom after dark? That’s crazy!

Come on Bob. It’s time to let us in on your plans for the evenings at the Magic Kingdom. Way past time. At least leak something. (I’ll be happy to be the leaker if you’re looking for help.) We’d love to see Paint the Night come east. That would be really cool.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and please let us in on the grand plan. We’ve been patient long enough. Fess up. There needs to be a nighttime parade at Walt Disney World. Soon!

Carl (Dad) Trent

Do you think that will help?


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Aug 21, 2018 We love the nighttime parade!
by: Anonymous

Not the same trip without the parade. PLEASE bring it back!!

Jul 16, 2018 bring back spectromagic
by: Anonymous

can you please show bobs reply??? there should be a new spectromagic parade. it was far & away the best parade ever, never been the same since

Dad Answers

For some unknown reason, I’ve never heard back from Bob. I don’t understand it.

Jul 25, 2017 Night time parade
by: Melissa ireland

We were to travel this christmas family of five but we cancelled our trip be cause there is no night time in the MK

Apr 06, 2017 Electrical parade please
by: Greg in Clearwater

The Main Street Electrical Parade has always been a unique and connected part of the Magic Kingdom. It’s like a piece of the castle or a section of Main Street. It’s one and all, all and one. Many years ago when they decided to drop the show, my jaw hit the floor. The news was sad and unbelievable to me. And when they flaunted it on advertising to ‘see it before it’s gone’, it seemed very wrong. But that’s me. The show was replaced with Spectro Magic, an inferior electrical parade that, although looked pretty, was too focused on itself as being grand, spectacular, look at me. The music was not happy and fun; rather, it felt royal, full of self-grandeur, oompa oompa. They didn’t get the formula right.

Happy, bouncy, fun music + beautiful colored floats + Disney’s most known and loved characters = magical, memorable Main Street Electrical Parade

Over the top grand, royal, spectacle music + beautiful colored floats + ho hum characters and themes = unmagical Spectro Magic Parade.

I’m not saying Spectro Magic was bad, but it never invoked the happy, fun, magical Disney style that made Magic Kingdom nightlife so much more enjoyable. I thought it was over the top and trying too hard to be something.

Then Spectro Magic ended and MSEP came back, but for only a short time. The ads tooted to come see it during its limited time visit. That limited time created huge attendance and record crowds. That limited time generated lots of excitement and brought increased Disney Magic to the Kingdom. That limited time became a piece of the castle that had been put back into place and a section of Main Street USA that had been restored. That limited time was soon modified to announce an indefinite stay! The Main Street Electrical Parade was home again! Then, on October 9th of last year, 6 years after its return home, it left again. It was a big letdown for the usual fans and an increased stillness to the night for others. There’s not two showtimes, nor one. There’s none. Suddenly, the nightly ambiance is quieter, yet the absence of it is loud.

I’ve made my point on Disney quality and the magic and drawing of nighttime parades at the Magic Kingdom. On a business note, Magic Kingdom is the World’s anchor park. Keep it shiny; keep it clean. Keep it the biggest bang for the buck. Keep it eventful, keep it magical. This park brings in the World crowds. Slips may cause reduced interest that could cascade into reduced attendance and reduced sales. This anchor park needs to stay healthy for the benefit of the whole. If there’s a purposeful absence of a nighttime Magic Kingdom Parade in order to pull people over to Animal Kingdom’s new River of Lights nighttime show, Magic Kingdom entertainment should not be reduced to accomplish that, ever! But that’s my thinking.

But my analysis may be moot. Perhaps Disney is hard at work designing a great new parade, but they just can’t seem to come up with one that tops the Main Street Electrical Parade. 🙂

Actually, if you analyze the history of parade dates, you’ll realize the parade gets shipped back and forth between Disneyland and Magic Kingdom (and even certain floats to Parc Disneyland!). Right now, it is playing at Disneyland. As usual, it was scheduled for a limited time to June 18th. Due to huge popularity, of course, it has been extended to August 20th. So Magic Kingdom won’t have it back until after August 20th, if at all. It may get extended at Disneyland even more, perhaps through Christmas. However, with the hugely popular Hollywood Studios Osborne Dancing Lights festival forever gone (the backlot used for it has been demolished to make way for Star Wars Land, I believe), I would hope Disney World would schedule any and all light shows for Christmas. Cross your fingers for Main Street Electrical Parade this Christmas!

I’ve seen a video of Dream Lights. I would love, love, love to see that parade, in all of its amazing lights and dreamy fun music, processing down Main Street USA and gliding by the front of the castle. Goosebumps! That parade at Magic Kingdom, unfortunately, would draw suffocating crowds like never before!? Is it possible to think it could be a bad idea to bring it to Florida?

Apr 02, 2017 Bring back the Disney Magic!
by: Renea

For me the nighttime parades are a HUGE part of the Disney Magic. I would love to see Paint the Night brought to Magic Kingdom. as I loved it at Disneyland.

Apr 01, 2017 So Sad The Mainstreet Electrical Parade is Gone!!
by: Diana

The Mainstreet Electrical Parade is part of Magic Kingdom and all of the good memories I associate with my visit to that theme park. I may not have always stayed to see the nightly fireworks but we never missed watching that parade. Please bring it back soon. You will definitely need to find something to replace it until it returns. Most everyone bought food and toys from the vendors while waiting for the Parade to start. You must have lost some revenue with that magical parade no longer an attraction.

Apr 01, 2017 Electrical Parade
by: Jim

My younger grandchildren enjoyed the electrical parade as much as anything at Disney. It is lively, entertaining, and covers all the Disney classic characters.
I just see Disney trying to push Star Wars because they overpaid for those rights and then made a politically correct movie that was not all that successful

Apr 01, 2017 Disappointed in MK
by: Anonymous

We are returning to WDW after a four year absence and only spending a few days of our Orlando trip there. We are SO disappointed that the Magic Kingdom closes so early now. Especially for summer. EMH only last until 11! Seems like they are looking to permanently change the operating hours by making these kinds of cuts to nighttime entertainment.

Mar 31, 2017 PAINT OUR NIGHT Happily ever after!!
by: Disneylova!!


Mar 31, 2017 Nighttime Parade
by: Sheri D.

Spectromagic topped the Main Street Electrical Parade in my opinion. They either need to bring it back or come up with a new nighttime parade that tops Spectromagic.

Mar 31, 2017 Paint the Night!
by: MelD

I hope they bring the D’Land Paint the Night Parade to MK. We visited DLR for the first time last October, we just missed seeing the last run of PTN – looks so awesome!

Honestly we fell in love with Disneyland – and we have been to WDW several times. Paint the Night would give us a reason to visit WDW again, because as of right now our return trip this year is back to the west coast to visit Cars Land again! And I don’t see us planning a WDW again until Star Wars Land opens….unless something as cool as Paint the Night gives us a reason to next time we’re in the area’

Mar 31, 2017 We miss the nighttime parade!
by: Rhonda

My family is headed for a visit this summer, and we were hoping for a new nighttime parade. We are so disappointed! They need to bring in a new show quickly! My husband can’t believe MK is closing so early! We will miss the ambiance of the nighttime parade.

Mar 31, 2017 Electrical parade was the BEST!
by: Tracy F.

We are heading to WDW this week again, it’s far for us to travel, but so worth it for things like the Electrical parade. I am so disappointed to find out it will not be showing. It is truly one of the best things Disney offers. That and Fantasmic. How did they ever let it go???? Whoever made that decision was a moron for sure.

Mar 31, 2017 Characters!,
by: Pamm

The Electric Light Parade was always the reason we stayed after dark at the Magic Kingdom. Our children and now our grandchildren grew and are growing up knowing all of the characters in EVERY Disney movie from the classic movies to Disney Movies of today. This parade ALWAYS featured ALL of the characters in the parade. Our family members from the youngest to the oldest were always so excited to see them ALL in one spot without having to roam all over the park to find specific characters at specific times. We need to bring a parade back that will do this for us again.

Mar 31, 2017 Magic is going away
by: Anonymous

The Disney way lately charge more give less it maybe ok for new visitors they don’t know what used to be the magic is still there for them We that are regular visitors the magic is slowly going away

Mar 31, 2017 Paint the Night please!!!
by: Tara

I would LOVE to see Paint the Night come to Disney World!!! It looks amazing!!! Please, Paint the Night!!!

Mar 30, 2017 Agree completely
by: Anonymous

I also think they are trying to sway people away from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom. A year or two ago Magic Kingdom was open until 3 am on most Saturday nights with EMH. 2 showings of MSEP. Now it closes at 11pm most nights. The changes at Disney seem to be geared toward dissuading people from going. It’s really sad. I have no interest in Avatar. That’s not even a Disney movie. Whoever is in charge is an idiot.

Mar 30, 2017 Rebuild Spectro Magic
by: Ken R

I too am very disappointed. I thought for sure we would here some great news about a new night time parade. Nothing compares to the night time parades. Spectro Magic was amazing and it was more than disappointing to hear that the floats were ruined. I am going back in May and it is very sad that there is no night time parade at the Magic Kingdom.

Mar 30, 2017 Need parades
by: birdiejoyce

Well it’s like this. There are no parade in animal kingdom, no parads in Hollywood studios. There not much of anything at these parks anymore. I am an annal pass holder and we have twelve grandchildren . There’s not much anymore. We also do not like the new changes. At least they could give us an update to know if they are having anything exciting like the parades. They just need Mr. Disney’s Magic. Thank you that’s it.

Mar 30, 2017 Agreed
by: Anonymous

Send this letter ASAP the sooner they get something the better.

Mar 30, 2017 Dad’s Rant: I’m fed up!
by: acw

From one “Dad” to another, I’m with you all the way!!!!

Mar 30, 2017 I miss the Magic!
by: Nancy Moon

The Nighttime parades are just such a magical experience for everyone! I have many memories and pictures of my family enjoying the Main St Electrical Parade. The music, lights and character interaction was wonderful! I’m just hoping that they have something completely under wraps coming very soon!

Mar 30, 2017 Frustrated
by: Todd Furchert

100% Agree one of the reason I am not going at all this year! Cancelled two week long trips. Prices went up but the entertainment went down. Hmmm, something wrong there. And I have no problem spending the money go there. God knows I have been there enough times to justify my add on rant. Well hopefully this helps.

Mar 30, 2017 Hear! Hear!
by: Dolores Ulrich

I too was hoping for a nighttime parade by now. My family is coming down over Thanksgiving week and am praying that there will a parade by then. *fingers crossed*

Mar 29, 2017 Something missing…
by: Daniel

Hello Dad! I agree that there should be a night time parade at the magic kingdom. It should though be something new not just bringing back an old parade and enhancing it. With the prices charged by the Magic Kingdom there should be a an evening parade. After all, it costs the same rice for your tickets if you enter in the morning or the night…

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