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Dad’s Rants: Disney, where’s the innovation?

by Dad
(The Office)

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Welcome to Rant number 2 in the series of Dad’s Three Big End of 2017 Walt Disney World Rants! is about the latest big purchase Disney made and what it really means. Hey Disney where’s the innovation?

Fox? What’s up with that?

The Na’vi Shaman of Songs from Na’vi River Journey – Photo by Brett Svenson

So, Disney, you just bought Fox, you paid $52 billion for what, Avatar? Bart Simpson? What on earth did you want to spend $52, $52,000, $52,000,000 or $52,000,000,000 on someone else’s stuff? Why couldn’t you have invested that money in your own stuff? Where’s is the old Disney innovation? Disney your slipping. You’ve lost your way. What’s happened to Walt’s creative factory?

The bottom line here is Disney, you’re going out and buying innovation. You’re not doing it yourself. You’re growing by just buying things other people have developed.

Uncle Walt was all about Innovation

It all started at Disneyland

Uncle Walt was incredibly innovative when he started Disneyland – Photo by Mike Billick

Walt was all about innovating. I mean look at what he did. He changed movies. He changed full length cartoons, he invented that whole genre. Cartoons with sound, movies with sound, Walt invented it. The theme park today, Walt invented it. Hundreds of things I can talk about that Walt invented (like the tubed roller coaster).

You’re not doing that anymore. You’re not even making real, new movies. You’re not taking anything to the next level. You’re just going out and buy what other people create, what other people innovate.

Don’t get me wrong, Pixar is great, yeah but you didn’t start Pixar. Lucasfilms great, you didn’t start Lucasfilms. Marvel is great. Again you didn’t start Marvel.

Disney where’s the innovation?

Yeah, this Fox News, excuse me, you didn’t get Fox News did you? OK, this Fox thing it might grow your empire but isn’t it time for you, Disney to become an innovator again? That’s just one of the things that really bothered me that you’ve lost your innovation.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Hey Disney it’s time for you to start being a cutting edge company. (Maybe you could start in your computer department.) It’s time for Disney to be the innovator again. It’s OK to buy great companies, but not at the expense of doing your own innovating.

Disney where’s the innovation?

If you have any ideas or comments, be sure to put them down in the comments below.


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Feb 07, 2018 I AGREE!
by: Anonymous

I think Iger is diluting the Walt right out of Walt Disney World, and I am not pleased at all!
He is watering down the identities of the different parks and adding in way too much Marvel. It is not our fault he spent too much on that deal and I hope at some point the Disney parks break away from the mess he has created. Iger needs to go before he does anymore damage.

Jan 04, 2018 Yes!
by: Dana

Dad, you’re right on! If only they’d listen to you!!! Love your site. Love your wealth of information. Thanks for all you do! Happy New year!

Dad Answers

Thanks Dana. Happy New Year to you!

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