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Dad’s Rants: Disney you need to clean up the parks!

by Dad
(The Office)

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Welcome to the first in the series of Dad’s Three Big End of 2017 Walt Disney World Rants! I want to start with the one that’s bother me the most. I want to address this to the suits in Lake Buena Vista. Hey, Disney you need to clean up the parks!

Clean it up Disney

A trash can on Main Street

Hey Disney, there are trash cans everywhere, use them (yes, people could pick up their own napkins) – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Last week I got a message from somebody that had just gotten back after Thanksgiving. They talked about how dirty everything was at Walt Disney World. Wait a minute, wait a minute, that can’t be right. Disney is all about keeping the parks clean. There’s a trash can every 50 feet. Supposedly everyone is a janitor at Walt Disney World. What’s going on?

Then I remembered a few years ago we were at EPCOT on a Saturday of the Food and Wine Festival and there were people everywhere. There was also trash everywhere. I mean the place was dirty. Really dirty. Not good. Embarrassingly dirty.

This is a problem. Hey Disney, are you listening? This is a problem. This was one of Walt’s really pet peeves. This is what separated Disney from other theme parks. If we want to go to a dirty theme park we’ll go to…, I’m not going to say another name, I’ll let you fill in the blank. Disney, the thing that separates you from other theme parks is your cleanliness.

Disney, you need to clean up the parks.


Trash cans in Storybook Circus with pop corn on the ground

Take a close look, Disney you need to clean up the parks – Photo by Laurie Sapp

I know over the last few years, Disney, you’ve been in this big push to “right size” your employee base, which has really meant that you’ve cut the people that help keep your parks clean. Not a good idea!

Yes, I know sales are up and you don’t have to listen to me about this because attendance keeps trending up (except for that pesky 2016, oh and the summer thing), but one of these days that’s going to turn around. Dirty parks is going to be one of the big reasons why.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Disney If you want to continue to separate yourself from other parks you have got to keep your parks clean. You have got to keep the maintenance done. You’ve got to do that painting that you used to do every day, Main Street used to get painted every year from one end to the other. You’ve quit doing that kind of stuff and it really is showing. There will come a day where there will be a reckoning for this.

Rant number one, Disney you need to clean up the parks.

What do you think? Please add your comments below.


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Dec 13, 2018 Nasty restrooms
by: Anonymous

ReturnIng from 12 day vacation at EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I dreaded going into the ladies restrooms at all of the parks. Toilets overflowing, no paper towels, tiissue in floors and overall dirty! Very disappointing!

Nov 24, 2018 Cleaning the parks
by: Anonymous

I was at MVMCP in November. I actually took photos of the mens restroom over by Pirates. TP dispensers open, out of TP, paper towels on the wet floor. Water all over the counters.
I also took pictures of the parking lot trams. So dirty the seats are black. Go over to the Emporium and check out the fixtures which look like they have never seen a rag and cleaner in their life!
The Barn Stormer needs to be cleaned up ion the queue, unless Goofy is supposed to look like crusted dead skin and nasty whatever is on people’s hands.
Next time you are at EPCOT, take a close look at the exterior of Spaceship Earth (The ball) you’ll notice something green growing on it. When was the last time they pressure washed that thing?
Same with Tower of Terror over at Studios. Take a look at the walls outside in the queue.
Everywhere I go I see how Disney has cut back on show quality. Disney seems to not care either, because as you mention, attendance keeps going up. Disney has figured out they don’t need to focus on the details anymore. They can slap bandaids on aging attractions, skimp on developing stories to new shows, throw in some mediocrity, and people will continue to pay (more) for it!
I could go on about the overall condition of attractions (the 40s on COP where there were was no audio for an entire five mins, the state of PPF, what doesn’t work on SW, HM, etc) but that is a post for another day that I hope someone will do! It could be a series or even its own VLOG/Blog!
I’ver been a life long Disney fan, but the condition of the parks in Florida are disappointing at best. I cannot believe no one else sees this. Does the Disney cool aid really do that much damage to our common sense?

Oct 08, 2018 Iger is the biggest mistake Disney has made
by: Anonymous

I was at EPCOT this past Saturday and EVERY bathroom was disgusting. No tp. Bins over flowing. Sinks not working. Are you kidding me??? Trash on the ground everywhere you looked. And it was busy, but it wasn’t THAT busy. For reference, rode Soarin with a 30 minute wait. Also, what’s with the disheveled looking CM’s?? The girls in Norway in particular. Hair all a mess and handling food/drink. I’m so glad I decided not to reup my AP. What a disgrace the parks have become.

Oct 05, 2018 AGREE 100%
by: Pauline

I am just home from WDW! Wednesday 3rd October to be exact. I was shocked how dirty the parks were. I am not exaggerating, but every single bathroom we used was disgusting. Toilets unflushed, bins over flowing, even vomit on the toilet floor which my 4 year old son slipped on and landed in with his 2 hands. This was in the toilets in the Germany pavilion of epcot! Believe me, Disney are gonna hear me! I will be giving them a mouth full. They have an absolute cheek to increase prices. What exactly are the increases going towards? Because its never maintenance and cleaners! Disgusted by my latest visit

Sep 10, 2018 I miss the old days…
by: A Once Disney Fanatic

I was a Disney fanatic, I took too many trips to count and was even married there. I have boxes upon boxes of Christmas ornaments and the clothing, oh my!!! And I couldn’t agree with “Dad” more.

My family stopped the Disney trips about six years ago because we no longer felt the magic. However, my oldest daughter participated in a parade a year ago and it only reinforced that we had made the right decision.

The park was truly filthy, the concrete around Tomorrowland looked as if it hadn’t been spray washed in forever. Trash was evident on the ground and in the flower beds. I repeatedly told my daughters of the way it use to be.

It is so sad to see the park in this state, not to mention the insane crowd level and how the rides have been shortened to the extent that it isn’t worth waiting in the line. I miss the entire Disney experience that use to be, a lot of the magic came from it being so well kept up.

Jun 04, 2018 What is happening?
by: Mawmaw

Just got home from WDW this weekend. I’ve bren an annual passholder for years and A patron during special events. I have never felt like I was at a second rate amusement park like this past visit. Trash was everywhere. The parking lot, ttc, monorails, rides and restaurants. I think the final straw was on Peter Pan where the cast members had food items stashed in plain site at the beginning of the ride. Not once did I see any of the white outfitted cast members walking around like I used to see. I noticed my past couple of stays st Disney resorts that the quality of care was lessening. And rates keep going up. Somethings wrong and I don’t know what it is.

Jan 12, 2018 Frat House Bathroom
by: Stacy

I started noticing lack of cleanliness a few years ago, but it really hit me in 2016 when my group of family and friends took advantage of one of the DVC after hours party at MK. Yes, we entered the park just before closing, but the bathrooms near the Main St. Fire Department were absolutely FILTHY!! I had to enter 5 stalls before I found one that was usable. I won’t go into details but the bathrooms were really gross. My friend and I met at the sinks and I asked her if we were back in college at a frat house party or at Disney–they were that bad. She said her stall was so bad but it was the best one she could find. Yuck!

For the love of God, Dis… listen to Dad and clean your room!!

Jan 12, 2018 Hotels Too!
by: Anonymous

I would add the hotels of the lists to clean up! Went a couple of years ago and said the same thing about the hotel grounds. It was covered with trash and cigarette butts. When they sent their survey, I told them so

Jan 10, 2018 Please clean up
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with you. We were there the week before Christmas and I did notice and commented to my husband that the park was not clean as it used to be. I do believe people need to definitely throw their own trash away.

What bothered me the most was that while I was waiting fir hubby and kids to get off “Thunder mountain” a cast member with a broom and dust pan was walking around, I thought looking for trash, yet passed by a very noticeable mess of napkins and did not sweep them up, he just walked by and left it there. This was the 2nd employee that I noticed do the same thing. I’m not sure if there is a problem going on with that crew.

Thank you fir all of the other cast members that are doing you job! I do not want to offend anyone that is doing their job. We visit Disney usually once a year and a have noticed a big increase of trash. This is such a disappointment, I used to rave on the cleanliness of Disney. We still love Disney and hope things will get better!

Jan 10, 2018 Agreed!
by: Anonymous

We were in The Magic Kingdom during the week of Christmas and it was beyond filthy. I couldn’t believe the trash we had to look at while standing in those ridiculously long lines. Even a trip on the train around the park had refuse scattered along the way.
Very disappointed in the Walt Disney World.

Jan 10, 2018 and then there are the pigs.
by: John

I have been going to WDW since 2000. I would agree that with the increased crowds and cuts for maintenance, the parks are not as clean. Factor in the fact that, frankly, I think that too many of the guests behave like pigs! As noted, there are many trash cans and I frequently see people just throwing trash on the ground. It’s going to take a lot more effort on everyone’s part to return to those “good old days”.

Jan 09, 2018 Disappointed in the dirt!
by: Anonymous

Totally agree. My family has gone to Disney at least once a year since 1985. The parks were always SO clean. Never a piece of trash or even leaves around. Everything from the inside out always looked freshly painted and scrubbed. That is no longer the way it is.

As we stood in the different lines this past December, we noticed water bottles, candy paper, leaves blown in thru the entrance, and messiness everywhere. The handrails and walkways were nasty and sticky. And I won’t even talk about how nasty and worn the carpet was in our hotel. I would have checked out and moved off property if we would not have lost the benefits that came with staying on property.

It makes me very sad to see WDW turning into an amusement park like any of the others we attend. Walt would be heartbroken about that and many of the other changes made, such as the drunk parents we saw this time. We even had one spill beer all around us as we left Animal Kingdom. We watched them strap their poor kids in their car and drive off in that condition. We looked for someone to report it to but was unable to in time to stop them from driving drunk. Sad. Sad. Sad. Wishing for the perfect family park it once was.

Jan 09, 2018 Man at the Top!
by: DEB

The real problem is the Man at the Top! All he cares about the Money, MOney, MONey, MONEy, MONEY!!! Don’t spend any on “keeping the parks clean” People will come and spend the money anyway, no matter what condition the rooms are in, the parks might have trash and bathrooms not kept up — But the Man at the Top only cares that he is raking in the money!!!

Jan 09, 2018 Bathroom Blues
by: Anonymous

We were there this weekend (1/5/18) and I used the restroom
right at the front of MK. The stall was disgusting. I’ll spare details…but it was awful. There was no bathroom attendant, and no spare toilet paper. Very disappointing. Who do I complain to?

Dad Answers

If you are in the parks, see the nearest Cast Member or go to Guest Relations. After you get home, contact Customer Service (407) 939-5277

Jan 09, 2018 Bathrooms have become discusting also.
by: Anonymous

Was just there and the bathrooms were always dirty and not filled with supplies. Parks and hotel resort restrooms showed also!

Jan 09, 2018 Filthy resort
by: Dave

We just spent 8 days just before Christmas at Disney’s Art of Animation. For one of the newest resorts we were very disappointed in the condition of the room. The carpets looked like a pack of dogs came in from the swamp and rolled around on the floor.

The dust in the corners of the room just gross. We would not allow our children to walk around barefoot. The hallway carpets were even worse. We had other family members staying over at Port Orleans French quarter and they had the same issue dirty floors and damaged fixtures. For the amount of money we spend to stay on the property I would of expected it to be a lot cleaner.

We’ve stayed at the other resorts offer the last 10 years and it seems to just get worse every year. Disney does a great job making sure the grounds and landscaping on the outside are perfect. Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig, but you know what? It’s still a pig!!! We’re really surprised that Disney doesn’t do post visit surveys. We’d like to fill one out.

I guess it doesn’t matter when people will keep dropping thousands of dollars to stay there. Next time we’re going to stay off property.

Jan 09, 2018 Yes! Clean up the park
by: Anonymous

I remember when I could walk around all day in my socks and they would remain clean! I remember when I NEVER saw a speck, a crumb let alone a napkin on the ground! Please do whatever you need to do to stand out amongst the other parks when it comes to cleanliness!
Thanks Dad for making this important!!

Jan 09, 2018 Clean use the park
by: Anonymous

I agree. That is one of the main things that separates Disney from the other amusement/theme parks.

Jan 05, 2018 Agree, Clean it up
by: Dean

I started going to WDW in 1979. My 14th trip was January 2017. Even though I would love to go back every month, I have to agree that cleanliness and maintenance has suffered greatly. We used to never see anything dirty or faded. Now, it is common place. I hope Disney is listening

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  1. The last few times I was at Disney (2019) I noticed trash everywhere! I definitely think It has to do with the extended hours. Before that they had the time to clean up but with the extended hours and crowds there later…? Anyway, It was really sad to see all the mess….especially since they prided themselves on their cleanliness. Come on Disney!

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