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Dad’s Review of Be Our Guest at Lunch


by Dad
(The Office)


Our favorite place for lunch is Be Our Guest. I thought it would be a good time to review Be Our Guest at lunch.


Be Our Guest may be the most popular restaurant at Walt Disney World. From the first day it opened it’s drawn huge crowds. Wonder why that is? Maybe because… (oops, I’ll save that for later.)


Quick Service and Table Service


The entrance to the Grand Ballroom at Be Our Guest

The entrance sets the tone – Photo by Brett Svenson


Be our Guest is the most unique restaurant at Walt Disney World. All the other restaurants are either Quick Service or Table Service. Be Our Guest is both. It’s a Table Service restaurant at dinner. At breakfast and lunch it’s a Quick Service restaurant.


A little confusing, but it works.


Dad’s Be Our Guest page



The Stained Glass window at Be Our Guest

The theming is so perfect – Photo by Mike Billick


Unlike any of the other quick service restaurants, you do need an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) for all three meals, yes even for the Quick Service meals you need an ADR. To get an ADR, you go through the regular ADR process, booking in 180 days. So, you do need to get an ADR for Be our Guest.


Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservation page


This is one of the first things I book when I’m booking ADR’s. For my 180-day call, I’ve got my dining reservations list, and I put the list in order of what I need to do first, and Be our Guest is always either first or second. It’s a very, very popular ADR, even though the restaurant’s really big, and it’s got a lot of tables, it books quickly.



All right, so, Be our Guest is located in probably just about the perfect spot for us for lunch. We start our day over in Tomorrowland. We do Tomorrowland first, and then we work our way around the park from Tomorrowland


Dad’s Tomorrowland page


It usually takes around two hours to get through Tomorrowland. Then we’ll move over and ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Winnie the Pooh, the Voyage of the Little Mermaid and everything else in that area.


If I time have timed my ADR’s right, it’ll be time for lunch and we’ll go right into Be Our Guest. And this last trip I it right on the button. I think we sat for 10 minutes waiting for our time, but that’s not bad.


Pre Order

Another thing that’s different about Be our Guest is you can actually pre-order your food. Not only do you make ADR’s, and I’m not talking about mobile ordering, like mobile ordering where you order it that day, get a message and go pick it up at the counter.


I’m talking about before you go. Thirty days before you’re reservation you can actually order your food online. So I did. Mrs. Mom and I looked at the menu. When the time came placed the orders desserts and all. Boom, all ready to go.




Can't you just see Belle and the Beast dancing in the ballroom?

The Ballroom is so realistic – Photo by Disney Photo Snapper


Be Our Guest has a “unique” check in system. When you first arrive, you check in at the little area on the other side of the bridge. We did. We got our little notification thingy, waited a few minutes, then it went off and we headed up to the entrance. At the gates, we handed the attendant our notification thing and headed in.


Inside they were shuffling people into 2 lines. A long one and a short one. The short one was for people that had preordered. Bingo. We must be on the front row. (We’ve gone through the other line previously. It takes you to a place where you can order your food.)


We were asked to confirm our order (we added another cupcake). We paid and even though we paid cash, they scanned our MagicBands. Yes, they scanned our MagicBands so they’d know where to bring our food. Disney is “watching always watching”.


It’s open seating and you can sit anywhere you want. We chose the West Wing or the Rose Room. We’ve been in the Castle Gallery before and the Grand Ballroom was packed. We found a table in the West Wing so we sat.


So Popular

I mentioned that Be Our Guest is very popular. The big reason is it’s amazing. The outside is haunting and scary just like in the movie. Inside, you can almost see Belle and the Beast gliding around the ballroom floor dancing the night away. The West Wing is dark and foreboding and the Rose is magical.


You feel just like you are in the movie. “Tie your napkin round your neck” get ready cause here the food comes. All we need now is the dishes dancing.


The Food


Our Food at Be Our Guest

The food was really good


In just a couple of minutes, Disney tracks us down and the cart with our food rolls up to our table. The nice server hands Mrs. Mom her green stuff, and me my meat and French fries.


What? Details? Who cares about details? Mrs. Mom got green stuff and I got a big pile of meat and fries.


I guess this is a review so here we go. I ordered the Prime Rib Sandwich. Mrs Mom ordered the Spinach Quiche. Hey, it’s got green speckles in it. it comes with a green stuff salad. I just kind of cover my eyes when it comes. But me, I’ve got my manly honking prime rib slices, I love prime rib. I’ll order it any time it’s on the menu, I’ve got my prime rib. I’m a happy camper.


I will say that the food was not as hot as I would’ve liked it, but it was really good. There was a little too much bread on the sandwich, I ended up pulling the top slice of bread off, and eating just the bottom half. There was nothing wrong with the bread. It was just too much bread for me.


Mrs Mom really likes quiche and she likes getting a salad. Not a lot of Quick Service meals at Disney World have a salad. And getting a salad for a quick service meal, she really liked that.


Dessert Time


All right, so, after we eat our entrees, it’s time for cupcakes. Disney just has hit a home run with cupcakes. Be our Guest has some great cupcakes. We had the strawberry, the lemon meringue, and the triple chocolate cupcake. And the triple chocolate was just fabulous. The others were good but the triple chocolate was TO DIE FOR!!!!!!


Hey Jane, how do you open this thing


There is one big negative thing about the cupcakes. The wrapper at the bottom is impossible to get of. Disney, have you ever had anybody who could open those things? I mean they’re wrapped in some kind of plastic wrapper that has the tinsel strength of steel, or something. I couldn’t tear it, the little butter knife wouldn’t cut it, there was no seam where you could peel it, I couldn’t get the wrapper off. I finally I just plopped it out and put it on a plate, it was a really weird cupcake wrapper.


The taste of the cupcakes are incredible. We ate all three of them, we chowed down on them. One bite of the triple chocolate and I was sorry I agreed to share it…


The Video Review



The Rose and the West Wing at Be Our Guest are incredible, dark but incredible

The Rose is haunting – Photo by Brett Svenson


Be Our Guest is beautiful, but…


Yes, but… There are a couple of things that make the experience not totally Magic. The Grand Ballroom is very busy and really noisy. The West Wing it’s too dark. It’s hard to eat in the West Wing because you can’t see your food. What was that? Did they sneak in a salad on my plate? It’s really just too dark in the West Wing. I love going in there, I love looking around, but it’s too dark to actually eat in there.


And then you go over into the Castle Gallery, where they’ve got the statue of Belle and the Beast dancing. It’s okay. We were seated over there one time, and kind of in the back, and it was nice, and it wasn’t nearly as hustle bustle and busy. Of the three areas, that’s my favorite. The others are better themed, but it’s better to eat in the Castle Gallery.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad gives Wolfgang Puck Express 5 Stars

Dad gives it 5 stars!


The bottom line is I really like Be our Guest for lunch. I gave it four stars for Dad’s Disney Dining Dish, four stars out of a possible five. Really good.


Have you ever eaten at Be Our Guest? What did you think? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.


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Jul 30, 2018 cupcake
by: Anonymous I use a spoon and eat the cupcake right in the wrapper. It’s easier, and the cupcake is so good, it kind of deserves the spoon!

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