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Dad’s Review of Cabanas from the Disney Cruise Line


by Dad
(The Office)

Over the last few weeks we’ve been reviewing some of the eating places on the Disney Cruise Line. Last week it was Palo, the week before it was Animator’s Palate. This week it’s time for…

What is Cabanas


The entrance to Cabanas

The seagulls on the wall at Cabanas are pretty cool – Photo by Dad


Cabanas is the buffet area on the Disney Cruise ships. There is a Cabanas on all of the ships. It’s located at the back of the ship on the pool deck. (Deck 9 on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic and Deck 11 on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.)


One of the primary places to eat on a cruise ship is the buffet. Most cruisers eat breakfast at the buffet and a lot even eat lunch there. Cabanas is no exception. Cabanas at breakfast is crazy busy. Lunch is not as crazy but still busy. Dinner is a whole different story that we’ll explore in a minute.


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Cabanas Hours

Hours vary from ship to ship and from cruise to cruise, but typically Cabanas serves a buffet breakfast from 7 to 10:45, Lunch from noon to 1:30 and a sit down dinner from 6:30 to 8:30. For the exact hours check the Navigator (the daily newsletter) or the Disney Cruise app.



Dinner is not a buffet. It is a sit-down, order from a menu kind of dinner and it’s from 6:30 to 8:30. The cool thing about the Cabana’s dinner is the food is typically fresher than what is served in the Main Dining Rooms because it’s not cooked in mass like it is in the dining room, so it’s typically fresher, and the atmosphere is not as loud and rambunctious. Unlike breakfast and lunch It’s pretty quiet.


If you like a quieter dinner you can go up and eat in Cabana’s in the evening. You don’t get the main dining room experience. Your servers that follow you won’t be there. The servers in the evening are usually in training and are very attentive.


Dinner includes some of the items from the dining rooms. It’s a quieter atmosphere than the main dining rooms, and not the hustle and bustle of the buffet.


The Food


Dad's breakfast plate at Cabanas

Dad goes for the meat… even at breakfast – Photo by Dad


OK, so now that all that fluff stuff is out of the way, let’s eat!


There is a vast variety of food available at Cabanas. The breakfast buffet is stocked with everything from smoked salmon to donuts. We had made to order omelets every morning on the Dream and all kinds of eggs were available. Mrs. Mom and I are omelet aficionados and we put a big stamp of approval on the omelets at Cabanas on the Dream. (The Magic’s were a little lacking.)


I also couldn’t resist the minute steak in the morning and the pastries were fresh and awesome. There was fresh fruit, cereal and basically something for just about everyone.


The food at Cabana’s at breakfast, you have your choice of just about anything. Breakfast has minute steak, waffles, eggs to order, including omelets to order, pastries, all kinds of cheeses. Mrs. Mom likes cheeses and smoked salmon and that kind of stuff. That’s available. Fruit, oatmeal, it’s all there, waffles.


Pretty much any breakfast food you can think of and some things that you don’t think of as breakfast foods are available. It’s hot. It’s fresh. They don’t cook up a ton of it and just pile it in. The minute steaks. There’s eight or ten of them in the pan, so they’re always cooking them. There’s carved ham at breakfast. There’s just all kinds of food. It’s good. It’s hot. It’s fresh.


Mrs. Mom's lunch plate at Cabanas

Mrs. Mom likes some of those vegetable-y things… – Photo by Dad


At lunch you’ve got pasta, you’ve got hamburgers, you’ve got carved meats, you’ve got some international type foods that I can’t even pronounce and wouldn’t start to. You’ve got breads, you’ve got desserts. You’ve got all kinds of stuff.


What I like to do at breakfast and lunch is to go grab a plate, grab a few things, go and get my favorites. First round I get my favorites. Second round I go back and see if anything catches my eye and I get the second round. Third round I kind of go back and get whatever tasted good.


You just keep going back and back. Fourth round at lunch, is desserts. You just, just keep eating and keep eating. That’s the problem with a cruise. You just eat too much, eat and eat and eat. That’s what you’re supposed to do on a cruise.


I can’t tell you about the food at dinner because we haven’t tried it yet. Sorry.



There is a lot of seating at Cabanas. Some of it is inside, and some of it is outside. Yes, you can send outside on the balcony and watch the sea go by as you eat. There’s also more seating around the pool because Cabanas is located right by the pool. There’s seating all up and down the pool area. You’ll see a lot of people get their food in Cabanas then go out in the pool area and eat it.


Destinations to Travel


Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is we really enjoy eating at Cabana’s, especially on this last trip. It was really, really good on The Dream. I give Cabana’s four stars.

Dad gives Cabanas 4 Disney Dining Dish stars

It’s just a really, really good experience. During busy times seating can be a problem, but with those extra seats out in the pool area there’s plenty of places to find a seat. You will find a seat. You just might not be right there next to the shrimps. You might have to go out into the pool area.

Have you ever taken a Disney Cruise? What did you think about Cabanas? Tell us down in the comments below.


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